Jeffersonville, Indiana offers a Bourbon experience that is not offered in Louisville and that is a chance to enjoy a fine selection of Bourbon whiskeys with a cigar. Louisville has placed a smoking ban across the city that does not allow its citizens to cater to those who enjoy this heavenly combination. Louisville’s loss is Jeffersonville’s gain.

Match Cigar Bar on Spring Street in Jeffersonville is a very short drive from downtown Louisville. It is not a five minute drive once you cross the Abraham Lincoln Bridge into Indiana. The entrance does not look imposing or impressive with a very simple signage design on the door, but once you walk in that door prepare to be impressed. In front of you slightly to the left is a bar full of Bourbon and Rye whiskeys. There are probably 75 American whiskeys with a selection of Scotch and Canadian whisky, rum, brandy and other spirits as well – not in the same proportion, but what they have is impressive.

They are just now putting together a menu of their spirits. It is a work in progress and the delay in printing a menu has more to do with the ever changing list of products offered at the bar. The prices are reasonable with nothing listed on the menu costing over $29.00 for a pour. Prices includes Old Forester Signature – $7.00, Jim beam White – $5.00, and Buffalo Trace – $6.00 for examples of standard brands. They have many premium and craft brands such as Bulleit 10yo – $8, Pure Kentucky XO $8.00 and Widow Jane – $14.00. Match has done some private barrel selections as well and do offer flights but they do not have set choices. As a result the price can vary but will be reasonable.

The staff is knowledgeable about Bourbon and other American whiskeys. They are quick to answer any questions you might have about their selections and are willing to admit that they don’t know an answer but will try to find someone who might. Most importantly, the staff is more than capable of suggesting a cigar to pair with your Bourbon. Riverside Cigars adjoins the bar and they have a well-stocked humidor. The person manning the desk at Riverside will happily recommend a good cigar in any flavor profile you wish. I have been pleased with the recommendation every time I have visited Match. My last trip had me smoking a light Cigar called “Intemperance” because I was curious to see if a light cigar would pair well with Huber’s Applejack Brandy. Jeff Mouttet, who was working the cigar counter, knew I tend to like a more full bodied smoke recommended this cigar because it was light, yet still had a nice flavor. I found that the smoke really brought out the apple fruit of the brandy while the brandy gave the smoke a slight vanilla tone. A well balanced experience.

The glassware used every time I have been there is a rocks glass from Four Roses. It would be nice to have a whiskey tasting glass for neat pours, but they are expensive whereas the distilleries give away a lot of rocks glasses. The bartenders do make cocktails and actually do an excellent old fashioned. Once you have your drink and cigar there are many nice comfortable chairs and sofas for you to relax in and enjoy your drink and cigar.

I score Match with 2 points for selection and menu. I will give them another 1 point for offering flights but I would like to see some set options just to make the customer aware of the offering. Their staff deserve another 2 points for their knowledge and friendly service. I would add another 2 points for the friendly atmosphere and another 2 points for their cigar knowledge and service – after all it is a cigar bar! This brings their total to 9 points. I highly recommend it to any cigar or pipe smoker looking for a great place to get a drink and smoke a cigar.

Match Cigar Bar, courtesy of Linda Doane

Photos Courtesy of Linda Doane