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pairing bourbon and tobacco

Match Cigar Bar – Louisville’s Loss Is Jeffersonville’s Gain

Jeffersonville, Indiana offers a Bourbon experience that is not offered in Louisville and that is a chance to enjoy a fine selection of Bourbon whiskeys with a cigar. Louisville has placed a smoking ban across the city that does not... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Cigar Pairing Study: Liga Undercrown Shade By Drew Estate

It used to be there were two busy times of the year to work in or around the bourbon industry in Louisville- Derby Festival and Bourbon Festival. Other than that things were pretty quiet most of the time. These days... Continue Reading →

A Bourbon and Cigar Pairing Study

I recently met with Maggie Kimberl and Wayne Klawier to do a Bourbon and Cigar tasting. The idea was for Wayne to pick a cigar and then we would decide which Bourbon went best with the cigar. Wayne chose a... Continue Reading →

Pairing Bourbon and Tobacco

I have been a pipe smoker for 40 years now. I enjoy Kremer’s Black Royal tobacco from Kremer’s Smoke Shoppe here in Louisville with its rich vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavors with a hint of ripe fruits. To me it... Continue Reading →

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