You can’t keep a good thing to yourself. Here’s some of the press we’ve received:

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Shelter from the Storm: A Review of Bob Dylan’s Whiskey (The New Yorker)

Bourbon Tariffs (Courier Journal)

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Surprise, You Can Pair Bourbon With Cheese (Wine Enthusiast)

Vintage Spirits and The Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm (Insider Louisville)

Breaking Bread and Bourbon with Michael Veach on Hungry Travelers

Mayor Greg Fischer’s Bourbon Heritage Month Podcast

Speaking Easy Podcast

The Bourbon Country Institute – Meet Mr. Bourbon  (Doc Lawrence)

Do Men and Women Taste Bourbon Differently? (WFPL)

Bourbon: Kentucky’s Gift To The World (KY for KY)

People pay this guy to talk about bourbon (Louisville Business First)

The Best New Books For Whiskey Lovers (Men’s Journal)

Love Bourbon? This New Cruise Is For You (USA Today)

Talking Whiskey At The Filson Bourbon Salon (Alcohol Professor)

Does Louisville Have Too Many Bourbon Bars? (The Courier Journal)

The Tasting Room With Tom Leykis (Michael)

The Perfect Age For Bourbon Probably Isn’t What you Think (The Whiskey Wash)

Trends That Need to End in 2016 (The Courier Journal)

Copper And Kings Cocktail (Great Day Live)

Michael and Renae on The Farmer and the Foodie (Crescent Hill Radio)

Celebrating Repeal Day of Prohibition (WHAS 11)

Meet The First Woman Distiller In Modern Times (WFPL)

Making American Brandy in Kentucky (Fox News)

Copper and Kings Not a One-Trick Pony (The Courier Journal)

The Bourbon Tasting Notebook A Handy Bourbon Lover Tool (The Whiskey Wash)

American Brandy: Bourbon’s “More Sophisticated Older Sister” (The Alcohol Professor)

Seven Questions With Bourbon Expert Michael Veach (Insider Louisville)

Touring Cave Hill’s Bourbon Heritage (

The Bourbon Tasting Notebook Review – The Fitness Tracker of Bourbon (Bourbon and Banter)

The Taft Decision By Michael Veach (The Bourbon Review)

American Amber (The Wall Street Journal)

Photos Courtesy of Michael Veach