Bourbon History

Kentucky’s Great Distilleries – Brown-Forman

Kentucky is known for its great Bourbon distilleries and Brown-Forman is one of its best. They have a very rich heritage and I have chosen them as the first one in this series because they have an unbroken line of... Continue Reading →

Cigars For Warriors Needs YOU

When you have a friend or family member serving the military on foreign soil, especially in a combat zone, sending care packages is a very common thing to do. One of the most often requested items is cigars, but that... Continue Reading →

Bourbon: An American Whiskey

The next Historic Flights at The Silver Dollar is April 20th! In 1964 Congress made Bourbon an American whiskey, made only in the United States. It truly is an American spirit created from a melting pot of cultures. There are... Continue Reading →

Steamboats And Bourbon

I received my contract to take the Bourbon Cruise on the American Queen the other day and Rosemary and I are excited to be doing this trip. We will be spending the Fourth of July on the American Queen and... Continue Reading →

New Orleans Cigar Scene

Much like whiskey wanderers, cigar cruisers never have to be alone. There’s a certain camaraderie among cigar aficionados that makes every city feel like home. So whenever I travel I like to check out the local cigar scene in order... Continue Reading →

Pear Brandy –Another Fruit Brandy To Watch

I like pear brandy. When I was out in California in 2015 I tasted pear brandy from Clear Creek Distillery and loved it. Last year Ted Huber let me sample to pear brandy he has aging in his Starlight Distillery... Continue Reading →

How Transportation Shaped Whiskey Row

Check out Historic Flights at The Silver Dollar, happening Thursday! Louisville is talking a lot about Whiskey Row these days. It is being transformed into an actual distilling center along Louisville’s waterfront. The are several distilleries open and many more... Continue Reading →

How To Select The Perfect Cigar

Choosing a cigar can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. Some people know they like cigar XYZ and they have no reason to deviate from that choice. But there are enough different cigars out... Continue Reading →

Some More Thoughts on Rye

Check out Historic Flights at The Silver Dollar, happening next week! Before Prohibition, rye whiskey was the most popular whiskey in the United States. The big brands were based in Pennsylvania and Maryland, but Kentucky distillers also offered rye whiskies.... Continue Reading →

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