Bourbon History

Washington, D.C. Cigar Scene

I recently went to Washington D.C. for the first time ever. I was there to judge the World Whiskies Awards at Jack Rose. But before that I had to do some sightseeing and scope out the cigar scene.  I did... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Noah’s Mill Bourbon

Noah’s Mill is bottled by Willett from aged stocks sourced from other distilleries. Willett has been sourcing whiskey from other distilleries for decades and have mastered the art of marrying bourbons together to create excellent flavor profiles for their brands.... Continue Reading →

The Games That They Play: History Of Distribution

Many people complain when they go into a liquor store or a bar and they are out of their favorite brand and have been for some time. “Why don’t you order it?” is the most common response from the consumer... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Kentucky Spirit was Wild Turkey’s first single barrel expression. It was released in the 1990s as a 101 proof single barrel to partner with their standard Wild Turkey 101. There is no age statement on the bottle but it was... Continue Reading →

An Impromptu Bourbon Date Night

Rosemary has decided that with new members on the Urban Bourbon Trail and several members leaving the trail, she needed to do the trail again. Not all in one month this time and not having a Manhattan at every stop... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Manhattans: The Bitter Truth

In Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain says there’s a common joke among bartenders – which will last longer, your bitters or your marriage? I can confirm that my bottle of Angostura bitters has been around for several years and there’s a... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon

Bulliet Bourbon is the brain-child of Tom Bulleit. In the late 1980s Tom decided to source and release an brand of Bourbon. He decided that he would base the brand upon the stories of his ancestor Augustus Bulleit. He acquired... Continue Reading →

A Brief History Of Rye Whiskey

The first recorded history of whiskey in America was a rye whiskey. In the year 1640 William Kleft, The Director of the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam, ordered distillation of a rye whiskey. Rye was the grain of choice in... Continue Reading →

Winter Reading List 2017

The Holidays will be upon us shortly and there is always the question as to what to give to the Bourbon enthusiast in the family. A good book is always a great gift. Since I hope that my books, Kentucky... Continue Reading →

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