Bourbon History

A History Of Bourbon Tourism

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is fond of using the term “Bourbonism” to refer to the growing interest in Bourbon tourism. Today this is not just the visits to the distilleries to see where Bourbon is made, but also the connected... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Cigar Pairing: La Palina 125th Anniversary Corojo

Like many bourbon brands, cigar companies are often family businesses that are kept alive or revived by determined relatives. We’ve seen this play out a lot recently in Kentucky with brands that were snuffed out by Prohibition being revived by... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Four Roses Small Batch 2017 Limited Edition – Al Young 50th Anniversary

I like Four Roses products. The Yellow Label is my favorite with a cigar and the Single Barrel and Small Batch expressions are also very good pours. I look forward to all of their limited edition releases, but especially this... Continue Reading →

The Miller House Bar In Owensboro

Owensboro is a Kentucky city that is steeped in Bourbon Heritage. It is still the home of Glenmore Distillery which does not distill but employs many people in the aging warehouses and bottling facility owned by Sazerac. On the other... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Tom’s Foolery Bonded Bourbon

I first met Tom Herbruck when I went to Cleveland to do one of my Bourbon classes in 2014. He had invited me out to visit his distillery and I knew that at that time he had purchased the old... Continue Reading →

The History Of Filtration Of Bourbon

Modern Bourbons are filtered to remove unwanted vegetable oils and other particles that can cause “flocking” in cold weather or when the Bourbon is poured over ice. Flocking is simply the condensation of these oils that will give the whiskey... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Manhattans: Vermouth Battle Royale

You know that old saying, the more you learn the less you know? Rosemary Miller and I have been studying our favorite cocktail, The Manhattan, for several months now, and the deeper we dive into our studies the more complicated... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: James E. Pepper Rye

James E. Pepper was a 19th century distiller that was a marketing pioneer. He used the slogan “Born with the Republic” and claimed that his grandfather Elijah Pepper started distilling in Versailles in 1776. The fact is his grandfather started... Continue Reading →

Maysville And Paducah: Two Kentucky River Towns Rich With Bourbon History

Maysville and Paducah are two river towns on the Ohio River that are rich in Bourbon History. Both are beginning to use that heritage to attract more tourism and both have some exciting plans on the table. I thought I... Continue Reading →

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