Bourbon History

Bill And Mike’s Excellent Adventure: Part 3

In December 2017 Bill Thomas and I started a Bourbon Distilling project at Kentucky Artisan Distillery. The barrels were filled on January 4th of 2018. Steve Thompson, the owner, and Jade Peterson, the Distiller, have been wonderful to work with... Continue Reading →

Holiday Cocktails 2018

Tis the season for endless holiday gatherings, and if you are the whiskey geek of the family you may have been tasked with putting together the holiday bar. Not to worry, you don’t have to break out the vault bottles... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition, 130th Anniversary

Every year Four Roses comes out with a limited edition Bourbon. This year it is to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the registration of their trademark with the government. The brand itself is much older, but this is the 130th... Continue Reading →

Climate And Bourbon

The climate of Kentucky has always been a part of the production of Bourbon. The fact that corn grows better in Kentucky than rye is because of the climate. Rye grows better in a cooler climate like Pennsylvania whereas corn... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Nothing Better In The Market

This is a corporate history commissioned by Brown-Forman for their centennial celebration in 1970. The hired John Ed Pearce, a local journalist, to write the book and allowed him access to private family papers and interviews with family members. The... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Willett Family Estate Rye

I loved spending time with John and Linda Lipman and when they came to Louisville for a visit over the Labor Day weekend. I had them as guest tasters for the Willett rye. Neither of them claim to be expert... Continue Reading →

Palate Fatigue

I recently received an email from Peter Pogue raising the question about palate fatigue during whiskey competitions. His point was that the high proof whiskeys, 110 or higher, seem to be winning all of the accolades at these competitions. He... Continue Reading →

Austin Cigar Scene

I recently made the trip to Austin, Texas to check out Treaty Oak Distillery on the occasion of their 12th anniversary. It’s actually a little ways out in a tiny town called Dripping Springs, known to the locals as “Drinking... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Whiskey Row Shipping Port Bourbon Batch 5

Today I am joined once again by Matt Kohorst. He is becoming my favorite guest taster and his abilities to pick out flavors are improving with every tasting. As my future Nephew-in-law I am looking forward to his continuing improvement... Continue Reading →

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