Bourbon History

Flashback Friday – Yellowstone Bottled-in-Bond Spring 1965 – Fall 1971

When this half pint bottle of Yellowstone Bourbon was bottled, Yellowstone was becoming the best-selling Bourbon in Louisville /Jefferson County, Kentucky. At the time, the brand was owned by Glenmore Distilleries and was made, aged and bottled in Louisville. The... Continue Reading →

Tasting With Mike And Matt – Yellowstone Hand-Picked Collection

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Westport Whiskey & Wine has done a private selection from Limestone Branch Distillery. They have created a special label for the private selection barrels of Yellowstone. It includes a bottle design that... Continue Reading →

Warehousing Whiskey

The other day I was part of a virtual BARDS (Bourbon And Rye Drinkers Society) meeting with David Whitmer, Master Blender from MGP as a guest. One of the subjects we discussed was the warehousing of their whiskey. This set... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Ideal Bartender

Tom Bullock was an African-American bartender who worked at the Pendennis Club in Louisville in the 1890s. He is often credited with creating the Pendennis Club’s version of the Old Fashioned cocktail with muddled fruit. There are a couple of... Continue Reading →

Tasting With Mike And Matt – Old Elk Wheated Bourbon

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Rosemary saw this bottle on Seelbach’s website and purchased it. It is sourced whiskey from Indiana and a single barrel pick from the people at Seelbach’s. Matt and I included it in... Continue Reading →

The Search For The Ultimate Bourbon

I would make a lousy owner of a distillery because I would be more interested in experimenting with making the whiskey than selling it. I would quickly go bankrupt! Still, I like to think about what I would do to... Continue Reading →

Pre-Prohibition Applejack Cocktails

The term “applejack” is hard to define. I have read or heard several different definitions. One source says apple jack is made by freeze distillation – the process of taking hard apple cider and sitting it outside on a sub-freezing... Continue Reading →

Tasting With Mike and Matt – Coalition Rye Whiskeys

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Kentucky Artisan Distillery sent some samples of rye whiskeys to me that they have distilled for a customer who is releasing them under the Coalition brand name. There are four samples –... Continue Reading →

A History Of Melrose Rye Whiskey

Melrose Rye was a brand of Maryland Rye Whiskey. It has a very interesting heritage and the brand has been revived by J.W. Kelly & Co. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It all started with the Goldsborough family who first settled in... Continue Reading →

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