Bourbon History

How To Select The Perfect Cigar

Choosing a cigar can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. Some people know they like cigar XYZ and they have no reason to deviate from that choice. But there are enough different cigars out... Continue Reading →

Some More Thoughts on Rye

Check out Historic Flights at The Silver Dollar, happening next week! Before Prohibition, rye whiskey was the most popular whiskey in the United States. The big brands were based in Pennsylvania and Maryland, but Kentucky distillers also offered rye whiskies.... Continue Reading →

Cincinnati: Bourbon’s Other City

Historically, Louisville has always been the Bourbon Capital of the world. The city is a center for transportation and communication out Kentucky. Even today in the age of cell phones and the internet, Louisville is still an important city in... Continue Reading →

A Burning Issue

Burning problems in cigars can be a major bummer. They can be separated into several different categories – construction problems, blend problems, lighting problems, smoking problems, and weather problems. Rosemary and I have been noticing our cigars being affected by... Continue Reading →

Women In The Bourbon Industry

March is Women’s History Month. I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the role of women in the Bourbon industry. It is a rich heritage. Many people believe women in the bourbon industry is a new phenomenon, but that... Continue Reading →

Bottled-in-Bond In The 21st Century

Many whiskey bars will be having celebrations of the 120th anniversary of the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 on March 3rd - check with your local watering hole! March 3, 2017 will be the 120th anniversary of the signing of the... Continue Reading →

SoCal Cigar Scene

On a recent trip to Southern California I decided to check out some of the cigar shops and lounges.  There’s really only one lounge in my area that I go to frequently, so I like to get a feel for... Continue Reading →

Looking To Brandy’s Past For Clues About Its Future

American Brandy distillation has a very rich heritage. Brandy was first distilled on Staten Island in December of 1640 by Cornelius Toun. Some historians think this was probably apple brandy but Joe Heron from Copper & Kings thinks it was... Continue Reading →

Early Kentucky Distillers – Where Did They Come From?

There are a lot of stories about Kentucky’s first distillers. It is said they were lured into the state with free land from the ‘Corn Writs”. They are also said to be fleeing the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania when they... Continue Reading →

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