Bourbon History

Bourbon Cruise 2023

I recently signed on to do a Bourbon cruise on the Paddlewheel Riverboat, American Countess for the last week of August, 2023. I am looking forward to doing this cruise as we have never been on the American Countess. It... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Castle & Key Wheated Bourbon

Castle & Key Distillery recently released their wheat recipe Bourbon. It is a 100 proof, five year old Bourbon, but it is not Bottled-in-Bond. I believe that this is because they are using barrels from multiple seasons and maybe even... Continue Reading →

Brough Brothers Distillery 

The Brough Bothers Distillery is an African-American owned Distillery founded by the brothers, Christian, Victor, and Bryson Yarbrough. In fact, it is the first distillery to be founded and operated by an African-American family. I recently visited there with Rosemary... Continue Reading →

Nine Artisan Distillery Wheat Recipe Bourbons

People are always asking me about what they should drink since they cannot find Weller. Weller is in short supply and when you do find it, it is unreasonably expensive. There are always the stand-by products such as Maker’s Mark... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Square 6 Rye Whiskey

The Square 6 Rye Whiskey is a “high rye” rye whiskey. It is called that because Heaven Hill is using more rye in this mash bill than they use for their established brands such as Rittenhouse Rye. The mash bill... Continue Reading →

The Revolving Doors At Distilleries

Many skilled distillery workers are leaving their jobs at the established distilleries. It is not surprising to me. It is a job market that is growing rapidly. There are a lot of opportunities for skilled distillery workers. In the last... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month October 2022 – Michter’s Toasted Barrel Sour Mash

The fall of the year always makes me think of caramel apples, baking spices and falling leaves. Maybe that is why we picked the 2022 release of the Michter’s Toasted Barrel Sour Mash Whiskey as our whiskey of the month.... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Borrowed Page Vol. 1

Borrowed Page is a marriage of several whiskeys from smaller craft distilleries. It is the brainchild of Devin Ershow, Chase Langdon, Meghan Swanson, and Kelci Koonce. They purchased barrels of whiskey from four different distilleries to create this whiskey. The... Continue Reading →

Evan Williams Introduces Square 6 Rye Whiskey

The other day, Rosemary and I visited the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience where they were introducing the new Square 6 “High Rye” Rye Whiskey. They are calling it “High Rye” because they are using more rye grain in the mash... Continue Reading →

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