Bourbon History

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Chris Zaborowski And Independent Liquor Store Owners

Westport Whiskey & Wine is a Louisville institution for spirits lovers in the city. It is owned by Chris Zaborowski and his business partner Richard Splan, bur Chris is the more public figure of the two. Chris worked in the... Continue Reading →

100 Proof Blog

Historic Flights at The Silver Dollar is coming up Thursday! In late October 2015 I asked Maggie Kimberl to help me set up a web page and a blog, My first blog post appeared on October 25, 2015. It was... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Cigar Pairing: Nat Sherman Panamericana TAA

It has been a few months since our last whiskey and cigar pairing. With the last one we switched to rye whiskeys and thought we would continue down the same path this time. As a category rye has grown significantly... Continue Reading →

Delilah’s: A True Bourbon Treasure

Mike Miller opened Delilah’s in 1993 and it has been open every day since according to their website. And Mike: he once told me that he comes to the bar every day and when it no longer is fun to... Continue Reading →

Willie Pratt: A Wealth Of Experience

I don’t recall where I was when first heard Willie Pratt speak but I do know he impressed me with what he was saying about aging whiskey. So much so that I asked him to be on a panel at... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Smoke Cigars At The Kentucky Derby?

Why do we celebrate with cigars? If you venture out to The Kentucky Oaks or The Kentucky Derby this weekend you’ll find people smoking cigars all over the place. It’s a tradition to smoke cigars when you are celebrating. Many... Continue Reading →

New Orleans Bourbon Festival

This year was the inaugural New Orleans Bourbon Festival at the Marriott Convention Center. This is planned to be an annual event taking place in the city that could be argued as the birthplace of Bourbon. Kentucky may be the... Continue Reading →

Kentucky’s Great Distilleries – Brown-Forman

Kentucky is known for its great Bourbon distilleries and Brown-Forman is one of its best. They have a very rich heritage and I have chosen them as the first one in this series because they have an unbroken line of... Continue Reading →

Cigars For Warriors Needs YOU

When you have a friend or family member serving the military on foreign soil, especially in a combat zone, sending care packages is a very common thing to do. One of the most often requested items is cigars, but that... Continue Reading →

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