Bourbon History

Maggie’s Favorite Cigar And Cocktail Stories From 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is already over and it’s jarring to start forcing myself to type 2019 in preparation. But 2018 was a great year, and I had some great adventures with Bourbon Veach and Rosemary this year.... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: New Riff Bourbon

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass The New Riff Distillery has released their first Bourbon distilled completely by them. It is a Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon. I picked up a bottle and was going to review it when I was... Continue Reading →

Regulation On Barrel Size

Whiskey is stored in barrels. The old Federal regulations say very little about what type of barrel could be used. In fact, before 1938 there were no regulations on barrels. Distillers made Bourbon and other whiskey using the barrels they... Continue Reading →

Book Review: How Dry We Were: Prohibition Revisited

This book is one of my favorite books on Prohibition. Henry Lee was a feature writer for the New York Daily News when he wrote this book in 1963. He wrote this book from a combination of research and personal... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Little Book Blended Whiskey

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Little Book is the nickname for Freddie Noe. His family says he is very much like his grandfather, Booker Noe. It is only appropriate that the first whiskey bottled for him is... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Distillers: Jacob Beam

The Boehm or Beam family came to America to settle first in Pennsylvania and later in Kentucky. The family was part of the German and Swiss wave of settlers that arrived in Pennsylvania, between 1710 and 1780. A wave of... Continue Reading →

Recipes For Your Holiday Cocktail Party

It’s time to bring back the cocktail party in earnest. Sure, you can always add a few cocktails to your regular holiday party, but a cocktail party is so much more. It’s an excuse to get dressed up, to get... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Yellowstone Limited Edition 2018

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass This is the final version of an experiment Steve Beam has been doing by finishing some Yellowstone whiskey in wine barrels. This experiment started in 2016 when Steve put some Bourbon in... Continue Reading →

The Lincoln County Process

Tennessee whiskey is different from Bourbon because they filter the new make whiskey through the “Lincoln County Process”. This “Process” is a tall vat of sugar maple charcoal that filters out some of the vegetable oils and other compounds and... Continue Reading →

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