Bourbon History

Flashback Friday – Cream Of Kentucky Bourbon Circa 1965

Cream of Kentucky is a brand that Schenley acquired when they acquired the Geo. T. Stagg Distillery during Prohibition. The brand dates back to 1891 when the Edel Bros. of Richmond, Virginia trademarked “Kentucky Cream” and “Cream of Kentucky”. They... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Geo A Dickel Bourbon

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass For some time now, The Geo. A. Dickel Cascade Hollow Distillery has been selling barrels of Bourbon to other people. It is about time that they released some of it under their... Continue Reading →

The New Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport

I have said for some time now, the biggest threat to the Kentucky distilling industry is complacency. There are many distilleries in other states making good whiskey. Some states, like Indiana, Tennessee and Pennsylvania are working to grow their whiskey... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Vintage Spirits And Forgotten Cocktails: Prohibition Centennial Edition

This book is the latest addition to our collection of cocktail books. Rosemary likes this book because of the history given for each cocktail recipe. This usually states where the author found the cocktail recipe and references many old cocktail... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Two New Spirits of French Lick Whiskeys

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass I always like to receive new products from the Spirits of French Lick Distillery. Alan Bishop is a very talented distiller and always has very tasty whiskey in the bottle. The first... Continue Reading →

Maker’s Mark Barrel Entry Proof Project (DNA Project)

Eight years ago, the people at Maker’s Mark were concerned about the barrel entry proof of their whiskey from an accounting standpoint. They have always used a 110 barrel entry proof to make their whiskey and never raised that number... Continue Reading →

Prohibition Era Rye Whiskey Cocktails

During Prohibition, Bourbon was hard to come by in European markets. Canadian whisky was easily substituted for rye whiskey so many rye whiskey cocktails survived and became popular. I thought I would look at a few of them in my... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste W.H. McBrayer Straight Bourbon

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass We love to see old labels come back into the market. I have a special fondness for this label for several reasons. First, Judge McBrayer was a very good distiller in the... Continue Reading →

A Tale Of Two Rectifiers Part Two

In the last blog, I discussed the career of Julian Van Winkle III. Today, I will discuss the career of Even Kulsveen. His path started similarly to that of Julian Van Winkle. Even, in contrast, was not born into the... Continue Reading →

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