Bourbon History

Tasting Notes: Old Weller Antique

This brand dates back to the late 1940s when Julian Van Winkle wanted to reach out to the market that still remembered purchasing whiskey from a barrel at a liquor store or saloon. It was called then Weller Original Barrel... Continue Reading →

Bill And Mike’s Excellent Adventure

For those who know me, you have heard me discuss that my grandfather made moonshine in Barren County during the depression to make ends meet. At his funeral in the 70s I heard many people say that he made the... Continue Reading →

Kentucky’s Great Distilleries: Four Roses – Masters of Yeast

After The American Civil War Paul Jones entered the whiskey business as a rectifier in Atlanta, Georgia. He did not own a distillery and purchased his whiskey from a local distillery - The Rose Distillery in Atlanta. Prohibition forced him... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: 1792 Full Proof

The Barton Distillery is a very old distillery. It started life as the Tom Moore Distillery in Bardstown. It suffered a major fire and was rebuilt after prohibition by the firm of Joseph and Joseph, the same architects that designed... Continue Reading →

The Ephemeral Nature Of Tasting Whiskey

Tickets For All 2018 Bourbon Salons At Oxmoor Farm Are On Sale Now! Rosemary Miller is a very wise woman. She has heard me answer the question “What is your favorite Bourbon?” so many times that she laughs about my... Continue Reading →

Washington, D.C. Cigar Scene

I recently went to Washington D.C. for the first time ever. I was there to judge the World Whiskies Awards at Jack Rose. But before that I had to do some sightseeing and scope out the cigar scene.  I did... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Noah’s Mill Bourbon

Noah’s Mill is bottled by Willett from aged stocks sourced from other distilleries. Willett has been sourcing whiskey from other distilleries for decades and have mastered the art of marrying bourbons together to create excellent flavor profiles for their brands.... Continue Reading →

The Games That They Play: History Of Distribution

Many people complain when they go into a liquor store or a bar and they are out of their favorite brand and have been for some time. “Why don’t you order it?” is the most common response from the consumer... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Kentucky Spirit was Wild Turkey’s first single barrel expression. It was released in the 1990s as a 101 proof single barrel to partner with their standard Wild Turkey 101. There is no age statement on the bottle but it was... Continue Reading →

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