Bourbon History

Mash Bills

A mash bill is the recipe of the amount of grains used to make a beer for whiskey production. In Scotland it ranges from 100% barley malt for single malt whiskey to corn, wheat and malt for grain whiskey. In... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday – Maker’s Mark ca. 1991

The Samuels family sold the Maker’s Mark Distillery and brand to Hiram Walker in the mid-1980s. There was flavor drift that followed the sale as Hiram Walker took the brand nationwide and to international markets. Before the sale, the brand... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes – Whiskey Row Bottled-in-Bond

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Whiskey Row is the Bourbon label produced by Kentucky Artisan Distillery (KAD). This brand was created by KAD founder Stephen Thompson, using sourced whiskey. Each year after the creation of the brand,... Continue Reading →

Artisan Distilleries – Castle & Key

A little over six years ago, my friend, Janet Patton, the distilling industry reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader, called me. She had been contacted by Will Arvin, one of the purchasers of the Old Taylor Distillery in Millville, Ky. and... Continue Reading →

Book Review – A Long Stride: The Story Of The World’s No.1 Scotch Whisky

I have known Nicholas Morgan since he hired me in 1991 to work on putting together an archive at the Old Fitzgerald Distillery. He was working with United Distillers to create archives for all of their products but he was... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes – Old Wm. Tarr Manchester Reserve And Inheritance

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass The Wm. Tarr Distillery was founded in the 19th century in Lexington, Kentucky. Prohibition closed the distillery and the brand faded into the pages of history. Recently, a group of investors revived... Continue Reading →

Five Very Good Bottled-in-Bond Spirits

There have been Bottled-in-Bond spirits in the market for almost 125 years. They suffered a decline in popularity in the 1980s after deregulation of the industry during the Reagan era weakened the regulation by eliminating the tax stamp and most... Continue Reading →

Holiday Cocktails For 2020

The year 2020 has been an unpleasant year. The holidays will be spent with the threat of Covid 19 hanging over any small gatherings and smart people are staying within their social bubbles. That will mean smaller, spatially distanced, social... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes – Starlight Estate Apple Brandy Bottled-in-Bond

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass When most people think of a Bottled-in-Bond product, they think of whiskey. Bourbon and Rye whiskeys are the most common expressions of bonded products, but the law allows for all aged spirits... Continue Reading →

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