Bourbon History

The Gold Rush Cocktail And Other Honey Based Cocktails

It is autumn and it makes me crave a cocktail that is made with honey.  The Gold Rush Cocktail comes to mind to satisfy that desire, but there are other versions of this cocktail that will also satisfy. All of... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – 1946 Imperial Blended Whiskey Advertisement

I love old magazines because of the liquor advertisements found in them. In a June 3, 1946 issue of Life magazine, there is an advertisement for Imperial Blended Whiskey that features a painting by artist Thomas Hart Benton. Benton was... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Green River Single Barrel

During our latest visit to Green River Distillery last August, we picked up a bottle of their single barrel Bourbon that was picked by the staff of the distillery. We actually waited while they brought the bottles out as they... Continue Reading →

A Staff Training Trip To Michter’s Distillery

I was recently asked to arrange a staff training trip to the Michter’s Distillery and the bar at Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery, by Gary Crunkleton. Gary makes these trips to Kentucky with his staff at least once a year. He... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Peerless Single Barrel Rye

I have always been a fan of Kentucky Peerless Rye Whiskey. I like their low barrel entry proof of 107 and their sweet mash recipe. Some of their single barrels have a unique flavor that they often describe when selling... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste Copper & Kings Butchertown Bourbon Finished In Apple Brandy Casks

The Copper & Kings Distillery is a Brandy distillery located in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. They make fine brandy and have branched off into making a Bourbon, but making it their way by finishing it in apple brandy... Continue Reading →

Conversations At The St. Louis Bourbon Festival

I have just returned from the St. Louis Bourbon Festival. It was an excellent Bourbon festival. I arrived on Thursday and was invited to a Bourbon panel discussion at Lit Cigar Bar. The discussion panel was led by Steve Akley... Continue Reading →

Tennessee Whiskey: How The Volunteer State Became The Center Of The Whiskey Renaissance

This book was written by Carlo Devito, who wrote a definitive book on Rye Whiskey titled The Spirit of Rye. The book reminds me quite a bit of Gary and Mardee Regan’s The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American... Continue Reading →

Mike And Matt Taste 13th Colony Whiskeys

A few weeks ago, I received two bottles of whiskey from 13th Colony Distillery, located in Americus, Georgia. I had tasted their corn whiskey before, with Susan Riegler for the American Whiskey Tasting Notebook, and I liked that whiskey. Their... Continue Reading →

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