Bourbon History

Tasting Notes: Whiskey Row Shipping Port Bourbon Batch 5

Today I am joined once again by Matt Kohorst. He is becoming my favorite guest taster and his abilities to pick out flavors are improving with every tasting. As my future Nephew-in-law I am looking forward to his continuing improvement... Continue Reading →

Brand History: Old Charter

In the year 1867 Adam and Ben Chapeze built a distillery at Chapeze, Ky. These two brothers were the children of Henri Chapiers, a French Hugenot  and a surgeon during the American revolution who settled in Kentucky after the war.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Evolution of the Bourbon Whiskey Industry in Kentucky

Sam Cecil was the retired Master Distiller from Maker’s Mark and in his 70s when he wrote this book. I liked Sam and learned something from him every time I talked with him. I will say he inspired me to... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Michter’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon 2018

This is the first version of the toasted barrel Bourbon released by Michter’s since the retirement of Willie Pratt. Pam Heilmann and Andrea Wilson were in charge of this release and I will say that they did well. I expected... Continue Reading →

The Van Winkle Factor in the Bourbon Industry

The Van Winkle Family have never been distillers. They have never held a job where they made the mash or ran the still to make their living, however they still had a huge impact on the industry and Bourbon as... Continue Reading →

American Malt Whiskey And Cocktails

American malt whiskeys are experiencing a resurgence - a resurgence rather than newfound popularity because they were made and enjoyed before Prohibition. As the legal framework for whiskeys tightened just before, during, and after Prohibition this category virtually disappeared. But... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Wild Turkey created this brand to honor Jimmy and Eddie Russell. It originally was a 10yo Bourbon bottled at 101 proof but then Bourbon took off and things started to change. They dropped the proof to 90. They probably did... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Distillers: Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig is credited with being the inventor of Bourbon in 1789, but as you may know I don’t believe that to be a true claim. There is no evidence that supports the claim earlier than the 1870s when he... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Book of Classic American Whiskeys

Mark Waymack and James Harris were the first people over twenty years ago to decide that American Whiskey would be a good subject for a book. I first met them when they were writing this book and they came to... Continue Reading →

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