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Bourbon and Cigar Pairing – A.J. Fernandez Last Call

Recently, my friend, Wayne Klawier and I got together on the back deck to do a Bourbon and cigar pairing with the A. J. Fernandez “Last Call” cigar. We decided to use two of our favorite Bourbons, Four Roses Yellow... Continue Reading →

Rye Whiskey And A La Coalicion Cigar Pairing

The other day, my friend, Wayne Klawier, came over and we tried a La Coalicion Cigar I picked up at The Office Cigar Lounge in Floyd’s Knobs, Indiana, just across the Ohio River from Louisville. We decided that the cigar... Continue Reading →

Maggie’s Favorite Cigar And Cocktail Stories From 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is already over and it’s jarring to start forcing myself to type 2019 in preparation. But 2018 was a great year, and I had some great adventures with Bourbon Veach and Rosemary this year.... Continue Reading →

Whiskey And Cigar Pairing: Tatuaje Monster 2018 Bride Of Frankenstein

Every year around Halloween, Tatuaje releases a new cigar in their Monster series. Typically selected stores get dressed boxes - boxes decorated like the monsters they represent - while a few others get plain boxes. While this release is highly... Continue Reading →

Austin Cigar Scene

I recently made the trip to Austin, Texas to check out Treaty Oak Distillery on the occasion of their 12th anniversary. It’s actually a little ways out in a tiny town called Dripping Springs, known to the locals as “Drinking... Continue Reading →

Whiskey And Cigar Pairing: Black Works Studio Sindustry Robusto

I’ve been traveling a lot this year checking out distilleries outside of Kentucky - they do exist! As Mark Twain so eloquently said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on... Continue Reading →

What I Look For In A Cigar Lounge

Many cigar smokers have a “home base” - a club, bar, or lounge they frequent where “everybody knows your name.” When you travel you might be looking for this same kind of feeling, and in fact there are plenty of... Continue Reading →

New York City Cigar Scene

There’s no shortage of things to do in New York City - unless you are planning to smoke a cigar. Existing cigar lounges are grandfathered in to the smoking ban there - unlike in Louisville - so the few cigar... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Cigar Pairing: RoMaCraft CroMagnon Mode5 Maduro

RoMa Craft is a great boutique brand available in select shops. The CroMagnon was the first cigar they ever produced, and in under a decade RoMa Craft has earned quite the following. You can usually find an excellent cigar from... Continue Reading →

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