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Michael R. Veach

Kentucky Bourbon Hall Of Fame Historian and Author.

Book Review – The Joy Of Mixology By Gary Regan

Gary Regan is one of my favorite writers. Regan has been in the business for many decades and has become a well-respected writer on both spirits and cocktails. I think one of the reasons he has such respect is that... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes – Kentucky Peerless Bourbon

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Kentucky Peerless Distillery has finally released a Bourbon. Corky Taylor and his son Carson entered the distilling business a little over four years ago. Corky wanted to bring back the family label.... Continue Reading →

Maker’s Mark And Stephen Rolfe Powell Art Glass

Maker’s Mark and the Samuels family have always had an interest in art. After all, the name “Maker’s Mark” was inspired by the maker’s mark on fine silver. Several years ago, Bill Samuels purchased a collection of 1940s paintings from... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – Happy Basil Hayden

Old Grand Dad is very old brand founded in 1882. In the beginning, the barrel was the primary package for selling the whiskey, but in the 1890s the brand began to be bottled and Basil Hayden’s image was on the... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes – Green Hat Rye

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Green Hat Rye is distilled by the New Columbia Distillers, LLC in Washington D.C. It is a very interesting product because the distillery was founded as a gin distillery. Green Hat Gin... Continue Reading →

What Food Should I Serve At A Bourbon Tasting?

This is probably the question I get asked more than any other when people are putting together a Bourbon tasting for friends. I have covered it some in my blogs on Pairing Bourbon With Food and Hosting a Bourbon Tasting.... Continue Reading →

Book Review – American Still Life

F. Paul Pacult is a very talented spirits writer, but not a historian. He was hired by Beam’s marketing department to write this book and he has done an excellent job of marketing the Beam brands. The book has historical... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes – Conviction Bourbon

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass Conviction Bourbon is made at the Southern Grace Distillery in North Carolina. The distillery is located in an old prison, thus the name. I first tasted this whiskey at the New Orleans... Continue Reading →

What Is Rye Spice?

Join us August 6 for the Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm I frequently hear about rye grain giving Bourbon a spicy flavor, but I am not sure the spiciness of a whiskey necessarily comes from the rye grain. After all, if... Continue Reading →

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