This month’s “Whiskey of the Month” is not the pour we were expecting to choose. We knew we loved the Jeptha Creed and you can find the review of the whiskey here.  For this month, Matt and I sat down and did a blind tasting video on YouTube to show people how we pick our “Whiskey of the Month” and the Jeptha Creed Bourbon from Shelbyville, Kentucky, won the tasting. So I what I thought I would do here is discuss the blind tasting that made it the whiskey of the month.

We had four candidates for “Whiskey of the Month” for February. They were Jeptha Creed Red, White, and Blue Corn Bourbon, The Bardstown Bourbon Company Wheated Mash Bill Bottled-in-Bond, Hard Truth Chocolate Malt Rye and Hard Truth Caramel Malt Rye. We had Rosemary set up the blind tasting for us to judge each whiskey. We started filming. We started by nosing each of the whiskeys. We then tasted through the four. The discussion then commenced with us picking our favorite and guessing what was what. After several sips of the whiskeys, we picked what we thought was Hard Truth Chocolate Malt Rye. We were wrong about what it was but both agreed that the Jeptha Creed Red, White and Blue Corn Bourbon was the best whiskey on that day. It has a very nice chocolate note that we really liked.

Blind tastings are a humbling experience. It does depend upon the situation and the ephemeral nature of tasting as to what we like the best on any given day. We had been blind tasting these same whiskeys the week before and picked the Hard Truth Chocolate Malt Rye as our favorite whiskey, but it was a close call even then. If we did another blind tasting, we might end up picking a completely different whiskey. In previous blind tastings, we picked the Bardstown Bourbon Company Wheated Mash Bill as our favorite.  We enthusiastically support the Jeptha Creed Red, White and Blue Corn Bourbon as the “Whiskey of the Month” because it is a consistent favorite and a good pour for anyone to enjoy.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller