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Whiskey Of the Month – November 2023 – Square 6 Wheat Recipe Bourbon

Heaven Hill is celebrating ten years at the Evan Williams Experience in downtown Louisville. I find it hard to believe that it has been ten years on Whiskey Row already. They have released three whiskeys distilled at this location under... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month – August 2023 – Bardstown Bourbon Company Origin Series Wheated Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

Matt and I tasted this Bourbon back in April of this year. That was the first release of this whiskey and we both thought it was very good Bourbon. They have sold out of that release and have now had... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month – June 2023 – Michter’s 10 Year Old Rye Single Barrel

Michter’s believes in quality over age statements. They do not release a whiskey just because it has reached a certain age. This dates back to the days when Willie Pratt was their Master Distiller. He was nicknamed “Dr. No” because... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month – March 2023 – Michter’s 10 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon

Michter’s Distillery in Shively, Kentucky, recently released the 10 Year Old expression of their Bourbon. They do this almost every year, but did not release a 10 year old Bourbon in 2022 because they did not think that they had... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month – February 2023 – Jeptha Creed Red, White, And Blue Corn Bourbon

This month’s “Whiskey of the Month” is not the pour we were expecting to choose. We knew we loved the Jeptha Creed and you can find the review of the whiskey here.  For this month, Matt and I sat down... Continue Reading →

Whiskey of the Month – January 2023 – Southern Star Paragon Double Rye

The Southern Star Paragon Double Rye is made at the Southern Distilling Company in Statesville, North Carolina. The owners, Pete and Vienna Barger, created the company to make good whiskey - for themselves and others. Their business plan included becoming... Continue Reading →

Whiskeys Of the Year 2022

Matt and I have been picking our favorite whiskeys of the month for the past twelve months. Most are whiskeys that have been sent to me for review, and we have picked our favorite whiskey from these candidates. The whiskeys... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month December 2022 – Wollersheim Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon

The Wollershiem Winery and Distillery has a long history. It is located in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. The family started making wine and brandy in the 1800s. Prohibition shut them down and the family started the winery again in the... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Of The Month September, 2022 – Rare Character ADHD Fishing

Matt and I had a hard time picking this month’s Whiskey of the Month. I had received three samples of the Rare Character whiskeys – all of them are rye whiskeys. This was our favorite of the three and we... Continue Reading →

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