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The Yarbrough brothers, Victor (CEO), Bryson (COO), and Chris (CMO) became part of Kentucky distilling history in the year 2020 by founding the first African-American owned distillery in Kentucky – Brough Brothers Distillery. Their website does not say where this distillery is located but it is on Dixie Highway in Louisville and it is probably about a year away from being open to the public due to covid restrictions. The distillery filled their first barrels in December 2020. Until this distillery is operational, the Yarbrough brothers have purchased some barrels of Bourbon from Indiana (probably MGP) and have started their brand – Brough Brothers Bourbon. It is very young whiskey at this point and I think that is probably a smart move on their part – When they start making their own whiskey, the flavor drift will be less noticeable. 

Matt and I tasted this Bourbon and agree that for such a young whiskey, it is a solid product. There are no flaws in the whiskey other than being very young. I look forward to seeing what the Yarbrough brothers have in store for the future. 

Brough Brothers Bourbon

Proof: 82

Age: Six Months Old


  • Mike: Very young – buttered popcorn, a little fruit – banana? citrus? It is hard to tell as it is very light on the nose, but still present.
  • Matt: Buttered corn, banana and citrus with a hint of rye grass.


  • Mike: Corn, a little rye grass, sweet lemon zest and a little spearmint. Tasted with a dried cranberry and the corn becomes buttered popcorn with a thinker mouth-feel and the citrus becomes tangerine. Tasted with a pecan and the taste is vanilla and oak with only a hint of citrus.
  • Matt: Corn, rye, a little lemonade citrus – sweet, not sour. Tasted with the dried cranberry and the flavor becomes buttery with lots of corn and tangerine citrus notes. Tasted with a pecan and vanilla bean ice cream becomes the main flavor.


  • Mike: Minty with a hint of sweet oak wood and white pepper. The dried cranberry shortened the finish, reduced the mint flavor and brought out some citrus notes. The pecan made the finish longer with sweet oak and fruit – green banana.
  • Matt: A very minty finish with a hint of oak. The cranberry shortened the finish and brought out notes of citrus with the mint. The pecan made the finish longer with sweet oak and citrus and no mint.

I would pair this Bourbon with a Nub Connecticut wrapper cigar. The smoke has some vanilla and spice, but not robust enough to overpower the flavors of this young whiskey.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller