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Frey Ranch is located in Fallon, Nevada. The ranch has been owned by the same family since 1854, growing grains and feeding America. The family has expanded into distilling and they may even be better distillers than farmers. They have made a rye whiskey from the winter cereal rye grown on the ranch. It is a 100% rye mash and Bottled-in-Bond at five years old. It is one of the best rye whiskeys I have ever drank. There is limited distribution of Frey Ranch products at this time. They are working on expanding distribution and Kentucky is high on their list. Until they get here, I am going to nurse this bottle along, saving it for special friends and occasions. I envy those people who are living in Nevada and the surrounding markets that might have this whiskey is readily available. 

Frey Ranch Bottled-in-Bond Rye Whiskey

Proof: 100

Age: Five Years Old

Nose: Rye grass, brown sugar, citrus notes of orange and grapefruit, baking spices – ginger and pepper and sweet oak wood.

Taste: Rye grass, brown sugar or even crème brule’ sweetness, citrus – definitely ruby red grapefruit, baking spices and pepper with some sweet oak wood. When tasted with a dried cranberry the citrus and spice come forward even more and the brown sugar becomes a nice hint of sweetness, but less pronounced. When tasted with a pecan the whiskey becomes a bit drier with oak and spice dominating the flavor, with only a hint of the caramel and citrus in the background.

Finish: Very long with ginger and pepper spice and oak wood, but not bitter, tannic oak. The dried cranberry makes the finish more of tangy citrus and wood with only a hint of spice.

I would pair this rye whiskey with a milder and less complex cigar. You do not want a smoke that will dominate the flavors of the whiskey. Maybe a Nat Sherman Metropolitan with a sun-grown wrapper. 

Photos courtesy of Rosemary Miller