Buffalo Trace Bourbon was created in the late 1990s a few years after Sazerac acquired the Ancient Age Distillery. They wanted a premium small batch Bourbon in their portfolio and a new image for the distillery. They changed the name of the distillery and created a flagship brand of the same name. Since the creation of the brand its popularity has increased every year. It is a traditional Bourbon made with corn, rye and malted barley. There is no age statement but it is not a four years old whiskey. My guess is that it is a marriage of 6-10 years old Bourbons. It is a Bourbon that is affordable and easily found in Kentucky – a great bourbon to keep on the shelf for guests.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Proof: 90

Age: No Age Statement

Nose: Very brandy-like with pears, dates and berries fruit, caramel and oak. There is a little nutmeg and allspice in the background.

Taste: Caramel with a hint of milk chocolate, apples and pears with those baking spices. When tasted with a dried cranberry the pears come forward with some vanilla cream and nutmeg. When tasted with a pecan the oak becomes stronger and the spice become more peppery.

Finish: Long and slightly dry with oak and spice. The cranberry made the finish shorter and sweet with fruit and baking spices. The pecan made the finish very long and dry with oak and pepper spice.

I have chosen a Padron Anniversary Series 1964 with a natural wrapper as my cigar pairing. I find the smoke to be sweet tobacco and vanilla with some cedar spiciness. The Bourbon brings out more vanilla in the smoke with a hint of dark chocolate while the smoke gives the Bourbon a bit more caramel and chocolate and less fruit flavors.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller