Borrowed Page is a marriage of several whiskeys from smaller craft distilleries. It is the brainchild of Devin Ershow, Chase Langdon, Meghan Swanson, and Kelci Koonce. They purchased barrels of whiskey from four different distilleries to create this whiskey. The barrels are Bourbon from the Watershed Distillery, Bourbon from The Spirits of French Lick Distillery, Rye from the Wigle Distillery and American Single Malt from Whiskey Del Bac Distillery. It makes for an interesting whiskey. Matt and I have tasted it and here are our notes.

Borrowed Page, Vol. 1

Proof: 116.88 Age: No Age Statement Nose:
  • Mike: Vanilla, a floral note of roses and oak wood. Very light nose for 116 proof.
  • Matt: Caramel, toasted brown sugar, rhubarb and oak wood.
  • Mike: Vanilla, apples, cinnamon and oak. Tasted with a dried cranberry and the vanilla and apple flavors move forward. Tasted with a pecan and the oak and spice move forward.
  • Matt: Raspberry, vanilla, lemonade, caramel and oak. The dried cranberry added a note of plums. The pecan added notes of dark chocolate and burnt caramel.
  • Mike: Medium long with oak and cinnamon. The dried cranberry added a lingering apple sweetness. The pecan made the finish long and peppery with some dry oak wood.
  • Matt: Medium long with oak and cinnamon. The dried cranberry made the finish very spicy with floral pepper and oak. The pecan made the finish tannic with lots of oak and leather.
I would pair this whiskey with a cigar that has lots of earthy tobacco and vanilla in the smoke. I would reach for a NUB Connecticut wrapper cigar.
Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller