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I have known Todd Leopold for many years. I first met him here in Louisville during one of his trips to this city to visit Vendome Copper and Brass. He has been back several times since then and we always try to get together when he is in town. I have tasted several of his products and I have liked everything the Leopold Bros. has produced. The funny thing is, it has always been when I was in a bar in another city as I have never found a bottle of their products for sale in Louisville. Todd has rectified this situation with this bottle of their Three Chambered Rye Whiskey. It is Bottled-in-Bond.

Leopold Bros. is one of the earliest artisan distilleries in the nation. They first started distilling in the late 20th century and are known for many innovative products. Their distillery is in Denver, Colorado. I have been wanting to get to Colorado to visit, but I have never found a time, but I plan to do so soon, hopefully this fall. I hear that it is a distillery that I must visit because not only is it an attractive distillery, but they offer a great tour and they make great whiskey. The Three Chamber Rye is proof of the latter. Matt and I have tasted it and here are our notes.

Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye

Proof: 100

Age: 4 years old


  • Mike: Rye grass with caramel and peaches and just a hint of sweet oak wood.
  • Matt: Rye, Peaches, caramel and a hint of citrus.


  • Mike: Rye grass, ripe, sweet peach with cinnamon spice and a hint of sweet oak. Tasted with a cranberry and the peach fruit and the cinnamon fades into the background and more caramel with notes of milk chocolate and that hint of sweet oak wood. Tasted with a pecan and the peach is back in full force with the cinnamon spice making it taste of a peach cobbler.
  • Matt: Lots of peach fruit, caramel, cinnamon and rye grass. The dried cranberry brought out milk chocolate and malt – like a hint of Milk Duds candy. The pecan enhanced the rye grassiness with lots of peach and cinnamon spice with some oak wood.


  • Mike: Lots of sweet oak wood with lingering peach fruit and notes of nutmeg and allspice. The dried cranberry made the finish sweet – like a caramel and chocolate candy with only a hint of oak wood. The pecan made the finish very dry and spicy with cinnamon and oak.
  • Matt: Medium long with a hint of oak and baking spices – ginger and nutmeg. The dried cranberry made the finish dry with oak and nutmeg with some cherry fruit coming through to sweeten it somewhat. The pecan made the finish very fruity with peaches, cinnamon and oak.

I would pair this fine whiskey with a cigar that has a lot of caramel and chocolate notes. A My Father The Judge would be my first choice as it has all of these qualities and more.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller