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Ted Huber is a man of vision. He saw the Bourbon industry growing and expanded his farm’s Huber’s Starlight Distillery, which had been making Brandy, with a still dedicated to making Bourbon. While this expansion was taking place he contract distilled some Bourbon at the MGP distillery in Lawrenceberg, Indiana. He had some whiskey aging while the distillery was being built. He is now bottling his Bourbon that is now two years old and bottled under the Carl T. label.

Carl Theodore Huber loved his Bourbon. He was a farmer, a wine maker and a distiller. The family has chosen to honor him with this label. The Starlight Distillery is at the Huber Farm. The Huber Family Farm has been known for generations as a place to purchase fresh produce of all types and they have been making wine for decades. They distill Brandy from apples, peaches and grapes. They are now making whiskey and it is hoped that they will expand into rye as well as Bourbon. They are using full sized barrels and age it in warehouses on the farm. They do not have barrel racks in the traditional style, but do use the type of racks that can be moved with a forklift, but store the barrels on their sides, not pallets that store the barrels vertically. There is still good air flow around the barrels providing excellent aging conditions. The warehouses are iron clad and unheated.

Carl T. Indiana Straight Bourbon

Proof: 95

Age: 2 years

Nose: It is still young with lots of corn and vanilla. It is a soft nose and not overly complex. Just a hint of spice and oak.

Taste: Very nice for a two year old Bourbon. Corn, vanilla and a bit of spice, maybe cinnamon but definitely some mild pepper. Tasted with a dried cranberry and the vanilla and some apple fruit come forward. Tasted with a pecan and the spice really comes forward with cinnamon and nutmeg on the palate.

Finish: Medium long with pepper and oak. The cranberry increases the pepper in the finish. The pecan lengthens the finish starting with the baking spices but then becoming peppery.

I like this Bourbon. It is young and I look forward to a version at four or six years old. I think that the flavors will mature well with increasing time in the barrel. Today I am enjoying it with a CLE Maduro Azabache cigar. The cigar brings out the apple sweetness of the Bourbon while the Bourbon gives the smoke a deeper sweet note that sometimes is caramel and others milk chocolate. A great pairing.