Bulliet Bourbon is the brain-child of Tom Bulleit. In the late 1980s Tom decided to source and release an brand of Bourbon. He decided that he would base the brand upon the stories of his ancestor Augustus Bulleit. He acquired whiskey and used a stock bottle, designed a label started selling Bourbon. It slowly grew and he sold the brand to Seagram and then to Diageo. On the path to his growing success with the brand the bottle design changed to look more like a 19th century bottle. The first bottles even had air bubbles in the glass like a bottle from that period. Today the brand is enjoying increasing sales and has expanded to several expressions. Today I am tasting the 10 year old expression.

Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon

Proof: 91.2

Age: 10 Years Old

Nose: Apricots and peaches with caramel and baking spices. Slightly floral with honeysuckle blossoms.

Taste: Caramel and apricots with baking spices – nutmeg and allspice. A bit of oak and tobacco. Tasted with a dried cranberry takes the spice out and brings forward some pipe tobacco notes of sweetness. Tasted with a pecan and the Bourbon becomes very spicy with pepper notes.

Finish: Long. It starts sweet with caramel but gets a little drier with oak. The cranberry makes the finish sweeter and more tobacco than oak. A pecan makes the finish very dry and spicy with pepper and oak.

Notes: This is a good Bourbon to enjoy with my pipe. The Bourbon gives the smoke a hint of oak and the smoke makes the Bourbon very fruity. A good combination. I like this Bourbon at anytime but it is a very good companion for an evening pipe on the porch.

Photos Courtesy of Michael Veach