I like Tom Herbruck and Tom’s Foolery Distillery. When I first met him I tried his rye whiskey at about 4 months old and liked what I tasted. I was impressed that he was not going to release it until it was at least a straight whiskey. I never made it back when he released the product but did manage to get a bottle when it made it here to Louisville. This bottle is from batch 2015.01, bottle number 2,480 and 2.5 years old. It is Ohio Straight Rye. I don’t think it disappoints me in flavor. It is still young and will be even better as he ages the stock longer.


Tom’s Foolery Rye

Proof: 90

Age: 2.5 years

Nose: Grain forward with rye and malt. Fresh baked bread and leather. A little vanilla and baking spices in the background.

Taste: Vanilla and grain – rye and malt, with baking spices – nutmeg and cinnamon. Just a hint of the rye grass. Tasted with a dried cranberry makes the vanilla come forward with some malted milk ball and fruit – apples and berries but the berries might just be the cranberry. Still very nice. Tasted with a pecan it brings out some citrus notes and oak.

Finish: dry with oak and spice – cinnamon at first but then a bit peppery. The cranberry takes the pepper out of the finish and makes it a nice dry oak finish. The pecan enhances the oak and baking spices. Very nice.

Notes: A very nice rye. I like this rye for its simple flavors that are very pleasing. It is not as complex as some that I have tasted but it excels with what it has. I am sure it will get more complex as it ages and gains more wood notes. I am enjoying this with a Padron Soberano Maduro cigar. This cigar is very earthy with a hint of chocolate. The smoke brings forward the vanilla and oak in the rye while the rye gives the smoke a nice sweetness and brings out some caramel.

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Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller