People are always asking me about what they should drink since they cannot find Weller. Weller is in short supply and when you do find it, it is unreasonably expensive. There are always the stand-by products such as Maker’s Mark and Larceny, but there are several wheat recipe Bourbons made by smaller, artisan distilleries that are worth purchasing. I thought I would list these Bourbons here and I encourage you to give them a try. They are readily available in Kentucky but may not be so in other markets. 

  1. Barker’s Mill: This Bourbon is from the M.B. Roland Distillery in Kentucky and is one of my favorite wheated Bourbons. Rich caramel apple flavor and reasonable price make this Bourbon well worth buying.
  2. Castle & Key: This Kentucky Bourbon was recently released and I find it to be a very good Bourbon. It has lots of the caramel and apple notes I expect to find in a good wheated Bourbon.
  3. Kentucky 10: This is the wheated Bourbon from the Owensboro Distilling Company in Owensboro, Kentucky. Very good Vanilla and fruit flavors and very reasonable price.
  4. Leiper’s Fork Bottled-in-Bond: This is another excellent choice for those looking for a Weller replacement. Made at the Leiper’s Fork Distillery in Tennessee, it may be harder to find. It has rich vanilla and apricot flavors that will be sure to please.
  5. Linkumpinch: Made at the Dueling Grounds Distillery in Kentucky. This Bourbon has a rich vanilla and apple flavor that reminds me of Stitzel-Weller Bourbon.
  6. Monk’s Road: This wheated Bourbon is bottled by the Log Still Distillery in Kentucky. It has flavors of vanilla, apples, cinnamon and nutmeg that are very nice.
  7. Paragon: This Bourbon is made at the Southern Distilling Company in Statesville, North Carolina. It could be harder to find outside of North Carolina, but it is worth it if you do find a bottle. Rich vanilla, peaches and apricots with a bit of baking spice make this another favorite.
  8. Wilderness Trail: Made by the Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville, Kentucky, this is the wheated version of their Bourbon. The four year old is excellent, but the six year old Bottled-in-Bond is even better. Matt and I believe that it is the closest Bourbon to an old Stitzel-Weller Bourbon that is being made today.
  9. William Dalton: This Bourbon is made by Allen Bishop at the Spirits of French Lick Distillery in southern Indiana. It is full of flavor that is vanilla, apricots, and pepper spice that is very enjoyable.

The next time you are looking for Weller Bourbon and cannot find it, consider purchasing one of these Bourbons instead. You will be saving money as they will be cheaper than the price Weller is demanding today and you will have a great drink of Bourbon. You will be glad you did.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller