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One Thousand Blog Posts – A Milestone Worth Writing About

This is my one thousandth blog post. It was six and a half years ago that I started my blog. My purpose in writing the blog has always been to share the historical knowledge I have picked up over the... Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Ideas For 2022

It is that time of the year for holiday gift giving. The Bourbon enthusiast on your gift list will want to receive some Bourbon related gifts. I thought I would make some suggestions for those who need ideas. To start... Continue Reading →

Nine Artisan Distillery Wheat Recipe Bourbons

People are always asking me about what they should drink since they cannot find Weller. Weller is in short supply and when you do find it, it is unreasonably expensive. There are always the stand-by products such as Maker’s Mark... Continue Reading →

Bottling Old Whiskey

In my opinion, the sweet spot for aging whiskey is between six and twelve years of age. Older is not necessarily better, and whiskey can get too tannic and bitter if aged too long and, in the wrong manner. I... Continue Reading →

Tasting Whiskey

I have been asked about Bourbon Tastings and how to hold one, I have written on the subject before, but I thought I would write a more complete blog on the subject here.  There are two parts of tasting Bourbon... Continue Reading →

Dad’s Hat Experimental Rye

I recently received an email from Herman Mihalich of Dad’s Hat Rye. I have always liked Dad’s Hat Rye since John Lipman brought back a bottle from Pennsylvania soon after they started distilling. Their Bonded Rye is a very good... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – Lisa Roper Wicker

When Widow Jane Distillery opened in Brooklyn, New York, I thought the whiskey they were bottling was average at best. Then the distillery and brand were sold to Samson and Surrey and they hired Lisa Roper Wicker as their president... Continue Reading →

Ten Holiday Gift Whiskeys

Christmastime is when the whiskey drinker can expect their loved ones to give them a gift related to their hobby. They can expect gifts of glassware or some other related items that are sold in the market today, but what... Continue Reading →

Rye Whiskey I Would Like To See Made

About seven years ago, John Pogue told me that the rye whiskey being made in Lawrenceburg, Indiana was the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to the category. I understand what he meant in that it made... Continue Reading →

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