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Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Sean and Lisa Higgins

I first met Sean Higgins in 2008. He and his wife Lisa had just started a new company called Mint Julep Tours and he wanted to meet me for a drink at Jockey Silks at the Galt House. Their new... Continue Reading →

YES Michael, this bottle is open….

A BRAND NEW ADDITION FOR THE BOURBON CABINET Anyone who has shared a Bourbon tasting or two with Michael and me has heard him say “We drink my bourbon, and Renae keeps hers” and sometimes that is true! However, what... Continue Reading →

Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Rye – New 2016 Release

According to many, Michter’s Master Distiller Willie Pratt is often known as Dr. No. He does not release a product until he feels it has achieved the best flavor profile and is ready to be released. It may or may not... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Regulations and Innovation

Bourbon has some of the tightest regulations defining the category of any whiskey but this does not need to stop innovation within these regulations. The regulations state that Bourbon has to be 51% corn, distilled at no higher than 160... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – Al Young and Plant Managers

When I first met Al Young I was a new archivist for United Distillers and he was the Plant Manager at Four Roses under Master Distiller Ova Haney. He would come to hear me speak on Bourbon History whenever he... Continue Reading →

What Happens To Whiskey In The Barrel?

Distillers say that as much as 70% of the flavor of Straight Bourbon or Rye comes from the maturation process in charred barrels that had not been used before the whiskey is entered. The barrel is a crucial part of... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – Stacey Yates

Mayor Greg Fischer coined the phrase “Bourbonism” when talking about Louisville’s boom in Bourbon Tourism. He has been a huge supporter of the Bourbon industry and tourism has grown under his leadership of the city. As much as Mayor Fischer... Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts On Rye Whiskey

John Pogue and I were talking recently and he told me something that I found to be a very profound thought. He said the MGP rye whiskey is the best thing and the worst thing to happen to rye whiskey... Continue Reading →

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