During our latest visit to Green River Distillery last August, we picked up a bottle of their single barrel Bourbon that was picked by the staff of the distillery. We actually waited while they brought the bottles out as they had just bottled the barrel that morning and had not placed them on the gift shop shelves yet. Gabby Montgomery, the person working behind the cocktail bar, had a bottle open, so we tasted the Bourbon at the distillery. We liked it so much, we decided to wait for them to put it out on the shelves. I am glad we did. I purchased a bottle and brought it home to review, so here are our tasting notes.

Green River Single Barrel Bourbon

Proof: 119

Age: No Age Statement


  • Mike: Vanilla, apricots, lemon zest, baking spices, oak wood.
  • Matt: Caramel, peach cobbler, lemon zest, oak wood.


  • Mike: Vanilla, lemon zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, oak wood. Tasted with a dried cranberry and a tart green apple and white pepper come out in the flavor. Tasted with a pecan and milk chocolate notes come out to join the party.
  • Matt: Caramel, lemon zest, peach, cardamom spice and oak wood. The dried cranberry enhances the caramel and adds a creamy note to the flavor. The pecan brought out notes of tobacco and dark chocolate.


  • Mike: Long with oak wood and baking spices. The dried cranberry made the finish longer and drier with oak and white pepper. The pecan made the finish long with oak, white pepper and lingering chocolate notes.
  • Matt: Medium long with oak wood and fine leather. The dried cranberry added some spice to the finish. The pecan made the finish long and oily with tobacco, oak wood and lingering chocolate.

I would pair this fine Bourbon with a cigar that is rich in vanilla with a little cedar spice. I would reach for a NUB Maduro cigar.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller