I have known Tim Laird for many years, he is the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) for Brown-Forman. Tim has an excellent palate and I have always loved his recipes for cocktails and food. Tim has partnered with world renown chef David Danielson, Executive Chef at Dant Crossing, to produces this book. I was given this book for Christmas because it was high on my list to add to my library.  It is a beautifully designed book and filled with many interesting recipes.

Bourbon Country Cookbook. David Danielson, Tim Laird. Photography by Dan Dry. Chicago, Surrey Books, 2018. Forward, Introduction, Contents, Index, Illustrations, 212pp.

Bourbon cookbooks are always interesting reading. This book is no exception. It has a section on the history of Bourbon and defines Bourbon in the introduction. It is a brief history, but accurate. The introduction is followed by chapters on cocktails, small bites, serving a brunch, pickled foods, vegetables, breads and pastas, fish and meat dishes and desserts. The recipes are easy to read and to follow. It ends with a section on resources – where to find such things as bitters, cocktail cherries, country ham, goat cheese and other foods mentioned in the book. This includes websites and email addresses to order the ingredients online. There are plenty of menu suggestions and advice on entertaining throughout the book.

The book is well designed and filled with Dan Dry’s color photographs of the cocktails and dishes described in the book. It is well organized with the recipes being indexed and easy to find. Each recipe has a brief description followed by clear and easy to read directions on making the recipe. Whether you like Crispy Chicken Skins with Bourbon Honey Butter for starters, or a Bloody Mary Shrimp Salad, bourbon Mustard Glazed Beef Short Ribs, or Bourbon Bread Pudding, there are plenty of recipes to suit your needs. 

The book is a welcome addition to my library of whiskey related books. If you are beginning to think about planning your Kentucky Derby party for this year, then this book is a good place to start. I look forward to trying some of the recipes at my next Bourbon themed dinner.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller