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Book Review: The King Of The Bootleggers

There is a lot of interest in the Prohibition era bootlegger George Remus. A brand of whiskey has been named for him today and of course an HBO show, Boardwalk Empire, has based one of their main characters on his... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Blood And Whiskey: The Life And Times Of Jack Daniel

This is not a corporate history. Peter Krass is a journalist, not a historian. The book takes a good look at the history of Jack Daniel and his distilling career. He does give due credit to Nearis* Green who as... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Bourbon Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide

In 1998 Gary and Mardee Regan followed up their first Bourbon book The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys with this book. This book is very different from their first one in that though there is a brief... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Story Of Canadian Whisky: 200 Years Of Tradition

The Canadian Whisky tradition is very similar to the whiskey traditions in the United States. The Canadian whisky sold then and now have more in common with Bourbon and Rye whiskeys than the Malt whiskies of Scotland and Ireland. At... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Classic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye Whiskey

Before Jim Murray started to write his annual releases of the Whisky Bible, he wrote the book Classic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye Whiskey. He came to the United Distillers archive to do historical research. It was well researched and a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Gentleman’s Companion, Volumes 1&2

I was gifted this set of books from Gary Regan. They are two books that Gary considers classics for the food and cocktail student and I agree with his assessment of the books. The author, Charles H. Baker, Jr. was... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Whiskey: An American Pictorial History

Book Review: Whiskey: An American Pictorial HistoryOscar Getz was the owner of the Barton Distillery when he started collecting whiskey memorabilia. He turned this collection into an exhibit at the distillery. When he retired and sold the distillery he took... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Bartender’s Bible: 1001 Mixed Drinks And Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Bar

This is the very first cocktail book I ever bought. I admit I purchased it because I was impressed by the author, Gary Regan, when I worked with him on The Book of Bourbon. I never regretted getting it because... Continue Reading →

Book Review: How Dry We Were: Prohibition Revisited

This book is one of my favorite books on Prohibition. Henry Lee was a feature writer for the New York Daily News when he wrote this book in 1963. He wrote this book from a combination of research and personal... Continue Reading →

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