Bourbon History


bourbon history

Is Louisville The World’s Best Whiskey City?

Several months ago Rosemary and I were asked by the Louisville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to join them for dinner and drinks with a well-known whiskey writer. I won’t mention his name since I have not asked his permission to... Continue Reading →

Early Sour Mash

The sour mash process is an old method of making whiskey. Many people credit James C. Crow with inventing the sour mash process, but the process is much older than James Crow. The Kentucky Historical Society has a recipe for... Continue Reading →

World War Two And The Distilling Industry

The Second World War had a huge impact on the distilling industry. It was an industry that had just come out of Prohibition in December 1933. It was 1935 before many distilleries were back up and producing whiskey. When the... Continue Reading →

The Games That They Play: History Of Distribution

Many people complain when they go into a liquor store or a bar and they are out of their favorite brand and have been for some time. “Why don’t you order it?” is the most common response from the consumer... Continue Reading →

The Evolution Of Bourbon Labels

Looking at the images and names of the bottles of Bourbon labels, I have often contemplated how the brand name was derived. Starting with the term “Brand Name”, this term comes from the 19th century when the barrel was the... Continue Reading →

A History Of Bourbon Tourism

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is fond of using the term “Bourbonism” to refer to the growing interest in Bourbon tourism. Today this is not just the visits to the distilleries to see where Bourbon is made, but also the connected... Continue Reading →

The E.H. Taylor, Jr. Tour: A Retrospective

Mint Julep Tours likes to do specialty tours of Bourbon Country. Last summer they asked me to do a tour focusing on the history of E.H. Taylor, Jr. It was a small tour of about 20 people which gave me... Continue Reading →

Sports and Bourbon

Sports have long been a marketing tool to create interest in your product and whiskey was among the earliest products to do so. Horse racing is one of the earliest sports to have ties to Bourbon. Legend has it the... Continue Reading →

100 Proof Blog

Historic Flights at The Silver Dollar is coming up Thursday! In late October 2015 I asked Maggie Kimberl to help me set up a web page and a blog, My first blog post appeared on October 25, 2015. It was... Continue Reading →

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