Bourbon History


bourbon history

Bourbon And Horses

Many 19th century distillers had herds of cattle, a pig lot and even a chicken coop. The spent mash, or “slop,” from distilling whiskey made good feed for these animals. In fact, if the distiller could prove that a certain... Continue Reading →

Louisville Distilleries Part Two – Post Repeal

After the repeal of Prohibition, Louisville had a second growth of distillery construction. Most of the distilleries that were around prior to Prohibition were no longer in business and Prohibition caused many of them to be torn down and their... Continue Reading →

Louisville Distilleries

I was having a discussion the other day and was asked about where the distilleries in Louisville were located. There were many distilleries in the city through the years and many of them have been wiped from the wipe completely.... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Balls

The Bourbon Ball candy was invented in 1938 by Rebecca Ruth and has been a Kentucky favorite ever since. This candy is a Bourbon enhanced center nougat with a chocolate covering. There are many recipes for this confection and Joy... Continue Reading →

Bourbon By The Barrel

The Filson Historical Society has the Taylor-Hay Family Papers. This collection includes the papers of Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr. that includes the letter books from the O.F.C. Distillery. These books are the 19th century equivalent of photocopies of his... Continue Reading →

A History Of Melrose Rye Whiskey

Melrose Rye was a brand of Maryland Rye Whiskey. It has a very interesting heritage and the brand has been revived by J.W. Kelly & Co. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It all started with the Goldsborough family who first settled in... Continue Reading →

Images of the Past – J. Swigert Taylor Distillery Warehouse Receipt

In the early 1870s, Edmund H. Taylor, Jr. purchased a small distillery in Woodford County, Kentucky and placed his eldest son, Jacob Swigert Taylor in charge of the production. They named the distillery for Jacob Swigert Taylor. The distillery was... Continue Reading →

Schenley Distillers Corporation – The Forgotten Giant Part Two

After the war, Schenley continued to grow. Between the end of the war and 1950, Schenley become the distributor for Kahlua in the United States; acquired the Pebbleford Distillery in Ekron, Kentucky; 50% of Dowling Bros. Distillery in Burgin, Kentucky;... Continue Reading →

Schenley Distillers Corporation – The Forgotten Giant Part One

When Prohibition went into effect in January, 1920, Lewis Rosenstiel and some other investors created the Cincinnati Distributing Corporation to distribute medicinal spirits. Rosenstiel had worked in the Bourbon industry as the superintendent of the Susquemac Distillery in northern Kentucky... Continue Reading →

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