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bourbon history

Images Of The Past: The Big Three Of Stitzel-Weller

When I was working as North American Archivist for United Distillers, I was visited by a lady who was secretary to Julian Van Winkle Jr. after the war in the late 1940s. She donated to the archive a series of... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Blogs for 2018

To me, a historian is more than a scholar of history. A historian should make the knowledge learned available to others. History is a growing organism that changes every time new documents or artifacts are found. New information can confirm... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: Mida’s National Register of Trade Marks: Spirituous, Malt Liquors and Wines

Back in the 19th century, before the government had a trade mark registration system, the spirits industry would register their trade marks in the trade magazines. Mida’s Criteria of Chicago and Bonforts’s Wine and Spirits Circular of New York were... Continue Reading →

Distillery Advertising: Bar And Tip Trays

When distilleries started to create brand names for themselves, they started advertising. They knew that the secret to good sales was getting their brand name out before the consumers who were purchasing whiskey. Even before bottling whiskey became an affordable... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Distillers: Daniel Weller

Everyone knows about William LaRue Weller but few know about his grandfather Daniel Weller. He has a rich history in Kentucky’s Distilling industry that starts in the 18th century. According to legend distillers came to Kentucky from Pennsylvania during the... Continue Reading →

Is Louisville The World’s Best Whiskey City?

Several months ago Rosemary and I were asked by the Louisville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to join them for dinner and drinks with a well-known whiskey writer. I won’t mention his name since I have not asked his permission to... Continue Reading →

Early Sour Mash

The sour mash process is an old method of making whiskey. Many people credit James C. Crow with inventing the sour mash process, but the process is much older than James Crow. The Kentucky Historical Society has a recipe for... Continue Reading →

World War Two And The Distilling Industry

The Second World War had a huge impact on the distilling industry. It was an industry that had just come out of Prohibition in December 1933. It was 1935 before many distilleries were back up and producing whiskey. When the... Continue Reading →

The Games That They Play: History Of Distribution

Many people complain when they go into a liquor store or a bar and they are out of their favorite brand and have been for some time. “Why don’t you order it?” is the most common response from the consumer... Continue Reading →

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