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Reviving Old Labels

Join us April 9 for the Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm with Kentucky Artisan Distillers When I started as an archivist at United Distillers, one of the purposes for the archive was to use it to support the heritage of... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: Bernheim Distillery Bottling House And Warehouses Post Card

Join us April 9 for the Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm with Kentucky Artisan Distillers. Postcards are an interesting look at distilling heritage. Most people think of postcards as a picture of an exotic place you send to friends while... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: The Fairfield Distillery, Bardstown, Ky.

In 1945 Schenley distilleries purchased the Fairfield Distillery in Bardstown, Ky. The distillery was producing the brand “Pride of Nelson” when Schenley purchased the company. The Second World War saw Schenley acquire many smaller distilleries. The fact was that the... Continue Reading →

Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery

Back in 2011 Michter’s announced that they had purchased the Fort Nelson Building on Main Street to create their visitor’s experience and a small distillery in Louisville. On January 31, 2019 it finally opened. It was a long road with... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: Will McGill: Stitzel-Weller’s First Master Distiller

This photograph is from the same collection as the “Big Three” photograph of Van Winkle, Farnsley and Stitzel. McGill is standing outside of the office building at Stitzel-Weller. McGill was the first Master Distiller at Stitzel-Weller. He was related to... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: The Big Three Of Stitzel-Weller

When I was working as North American Archivist for United Distillers, I was visited by a lady who was secretary to Julian Van Winkle Jr. after the war in the late 1940s. She donated to the archive a series of... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Blogs for 2018

To me, a historian is more than a scholar of history. A historian should make the knowledge learned available to others. History is a growing organism that changes every time new documents or artifacts are found. New information can confirm... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: Mida’s National Register of Trade Marks: Spirituous, Malt Liquors and Wines

Back in the 19th century, before the government had a trade mark registration system, the spirits industry would register their trade marks in the trade magazines. Mida’s Criteria of Chicago and Bonforts’s Wine and Spirits Circular of New York were... Continue Reading →

Distillery Advertising: Bar And Tip Trays

When distilleries started to create brand names for themselves, they started advertising. They knew that the secret to good sales was getting their brand name out before the consumers who were purchasing whiskey. Even before bottling whiskey became an affordable... Continue Reading →

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