Bourbon History


bourbon history

Archiving Distilling History

Things have changed over the last two centuries. It is easier to document the history of the distilling industry in the twenty-first century than it was in the twentieth century. It is not that the records were not kept from... Continue Reading →

Artisan Distilleries And Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey

There has been a growth in the number of whiskeys that are being Bottled-in-Bond in the last few years. Most of these whiskeys have come from the smaller artisan distilleries. The category almost died out after the Reagan administration deregulated... Continue Reading →

American Whiskey Exports In The 1880s

About ten years ago, I was able to purchase a rare book titled Kentucky’s Distilling Interests, published in 1893 by The Kentucky Distillers’ Bureau Co. I had only seen one other copy of the book and that is in the... Continue Reading →

A Look At Whiskey Bottles

When Bill and I look for a bottle design for our whiskey, we will probably pick a standard bottle that is inexpensive to purchase. New bottles are very expensive to design these days. Designing and making a mold for the... Continue Reading →

Owensboro – Western Kentucky’s Bourbon Center

Owensboro has a very rich heritage in Kentucky’s distilling industry. Prior to Prohibition, Daviess County had a very respectable number of distilleries and distilling families. The Glenmore Distillery, owned during Prohibition by James Thompson and Brother (later Glenmore Distilleries), was... Continue Reading →

Six Brands That Changed Bourbon

Bourbon has a long history and there have been brands that have changed our perception of what Bourbon is. I thought I would look back at this history and discuss how each of these six brands made their mark on... Continue Reading →

Prohibition And American Whiskey

I was recently asked to write an article for an auction magazine about Prohibition bottles. I thought it was a good article, so I thought I would publish it on my website. I have touched upon many of the points... Continue Reading →

A Tale Of Two Rectifiers Part Two

In the last blog, I discussed the career of Julian Van Winkle III. Today, I will discuss the career of Even Kulsveen. His path started similarly to that of Julian Van Winkle. Even, in contrast, was not born into the... Continue Reading →

From My Archive – Remarks Of Merit 1938-39

Schenley Distilleries created a newsletter for their employees. It started at their corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1937. I am fortunate enough to have the bound volume of the newsletter Remarks Of Merit from January 1938 and January 1939.... Continue Reading →

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