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bourbon history

Images Of The Past: Charring A Barrel At The Louisville Cooperage

This image is from the Louisville Cooperage file created by Schenley after they purchased the business in the 1940s. I find this to be a very interesting photograph. For one, it shows the latest technology of the day. The barrels... Continue Reading →

Images of the Past: Old Charter Bar Mirror

The Belmont and Astor Distilleries were opened in 1881. These distilleries were back to back in Louisville at 17th and Breckenridge Streets. The location is where the present-day Bernheim Distillery is located. Very shortly after the distilleries were opened, the... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: Spirits Magazine, May 1936

I like old trade magazines. They are full of historical information, old advertising and other useful information. When I find one, I add it to my archive and I copy them and donate the original copy to a public archive... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: Waterfill And Frazier Bar Tray, Juarez, Mexico

When Prohibition came to America, Mary Dowling, the heir to the Dowling Bros. Distillery and Waterfill and Frazier brand, did not like it. Her answer was to move her distillery to Juarez, Mexico and continue to make Bourbon. At that... Continue Reading →

When American Distilleries Lost Their Way

The late 1960s were hard times for American Distilleries. Whiskey sales were declining every year. New products such as Vodka and Tequila were gaining market share at astonishing rates. Light beer was growing in popularity as consumers wanted less alcohol... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – Raising Barrels At Louisville Cooperage

In 1944 Schenley Distilleries purchased the Louisville Cooperage. It was part of a plan by Schenley to control as much of the whiskey-making process as they could, including the barrel making process. They would later purchase the Chess and Wymond... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – W.L. Weller On Whiskey Row

In the year 1899, W.L. Weller & Sons purchased a larger storefront on the north side of Main Street between 1rst and 2nd streets from Bernheim Bros. The office and store were very close to the waterfront where barrels could... Continue Reading →

The Resurgence Of Whiskey

The 1960s and 70s were bleak times for whiskey distillers. Consumers had turned to products such as Vodka, Tequila and light beers for their beverages of choice. Whiskey has since made a huge comeback, led by Bourbon today, but it... Continue Reading →

Bonded Warehouses

In order to pay for the American Civil War, the United States Government placed a tax on distilled spirits. Originally, the government looked to simply put a tax in place similar to the two previous taxes of 1791 and 1814.... Continue Reading →

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