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bourbon history

The Whiskey Rebellion of 1791-1794 Part One: Pennsylvania

The Whiskey Rebellion was the first constitutional crisis in the United States. To understand the rebellion, you must first understand the background as to why it happened, you have to understand why the whiskey tax was so important to the... Continue Reading →

Tax Stamps

The use of tax stamps in America started with the British during colonial America, when they required a special stamp to be used on certain goods to show that the taxes had been paid or to add an additional tax... Continue Reading →

Eggnog: A Holiday Classic Cocktail

December is the month that people drink eggnog at holiday parties and dinners. There is a long tradition of drinking eggnog in America that starts back in the 1760s. The drink probably evolved from an English drink called a “posset”... Continue Reading →

Holiday Packaging

When Prohibition was repealed, the distilling industry adopted some self-regulation policies. This included not advertising to those too young to drink. One of the specific parts of this regulation was no use of Santa Claus in alcohol advertising. However, a... Continue Reading →

The Dant Family Legacy In The Bourbon Industry

Today, when people think about distilling families, they usually think of the name “Beam”. One hundred years ago they would have also thought of the name “Dant”. It has only been in the last 50 years or so that the... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: Charring A Barrel At The Louisville Cooperage

This image is from the Louisville Cooperage file created by Schenley after they purchased the business in the 1940s. I find this to be a very interesting photograph. For one, it shows the latest technology of the day. The barrels... Continue Reading →

Images of the Past: Old Charter Bar Mirror

The Belmont and Astor Distilleries were opened in 1881. These distilleries were back to back in Louisville at 17th and Breckenridge Streets. The location is where the present-day Bernheim Distillery is located. Very shortly after the distilleries were opened, the... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: Spirits Magazine, May 1936

I like old trade magazines. They are full of historical information, old advertising and other useful information. When I find one, I add it to my archive and I copy them and donate the original copy to a public archive... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: Waterfill And Frazier Bar Tray, Juarez, Mexico

When Prohibition came to America, Mary Dowling, the heir to the Dowling Bros. Distillery and Waterfill and Frazier brand, did not like it. Her answer was to move her distillery to Juarez, Mexico and continue to make Bourbon. At that... Continue Reading →

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