Bourbon History


bourbon history

A Tale Of Two Rectifiers Part Two

In the last blog, I discussed the career of Julian Van Winkle III. Today, I will discuss the career of Even Kulsveen. His path started similarly to that of Julian Van Winkle. Even, in contrast, was not born into the... Continue Reading →

From My Archive – Remarks Of Merit 1938-39

Schenley Distilleries created a newsletter for their employees. It started at their corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1937. I am fortunate enough to have the bound volume of the newsletter Remarks Of Merit from January 1938 and January 1939.... Continue Reading →

America’s Beverage On America’s Birthday

Rosemary asked me to plan what I consider the perfect Fourth of July celebration and this is what I came up with. Of course, it starts and ends with Bourbon. It is America’s official beverage. Rye, vodka, gin and other... Continue Reading →

Ripy Family And Anderson County Distilling

 The Ripy Family and Anderson County, Kentucky distilling heritage are deeply entwined.  The Ripy family was involved with many of the distilleries in Anderson County and owned a mansion on the Lawrenceburg “whiskey row” of houses that is now a... Continue Reading →

The Industrial Revolution And Kentucky Distilleries

Many historians are saying that the term “Industrial Revolution” is an outdated term. Technology has continuously evolved since the middle ages with the introduction of machines such as the water mill and clocks so, the proper term should be “technological... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – H. McKenna Advertising Cards Ca. 1900

Before Prohibition, there were no regulations for advertising whiskey. This led to many forms of advertising that people today would consider shocking. These advertising cards for H. McKenna Whisky, made by the firm that handled their whiskey in Boston, Mass.... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Horses

Many 19th century distillers had herds of cattle, a pig lot and even a chicken coop. The spent mash, or “slop,” from distilling whiskey made good feed for these animals. In fact, if the distiller could prove that a certain... Continue Reading →

Louisville Distilleries Part Two – Post Repeal

After the repeal of Prohibition, Louisville had a second growth of distillery construction. Most of the distilleries that were around prior to Prohibition were no longer in business and Prohibition caused many of them to be torn down and their... Continue Reading →

Louisville Distilleries

I was having a discussion the other day and was asked about where the distilleries in Louisville were located. There were many distilleries in the city through the years and many of them have been wiped from the wipe completely.... Continue Reading →

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