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This is the latest offering from Kentucky Owl. It is a Bourbon with no age statement and priced as a premium whiskey and Dixon Dedman has bottled a very good whiskey, that is a very limited product, but I am not sure it is worth over $100. Even so, it is a premium product that actually gets better when paired with food or a cigar. 

Kentucky Owl Confiscated

Proof: 96.4

Age: No Age Statement

Nose: Toasted marshmallows, Bananas, apples, oak and some sweet baking spices.

Taste: Corn, vanilla, banana pudding and baking spices. When tasted with a dried cranberry there is more caramel and less fruit but enhanced oak. When tasted with a pecan there is a citrus note and more sweet oak.

Finish: Medium long with oak and baking spices. The cranberry shortens the finish and makes it sweeter. The pecan makes the finish long and dry with oak and cinnamon.

I am pairing this Bourbon with a Nat Sherman Timeless Limited Edition TAA cigar. The smoke is rich vanilla, tobacco and a little umami – Worcestershire sauce flavor. The Bourbon makes it sweeter with lots of caramel and sweet spice. The smoke makes the Bourbon a little milder with very little spice but a lot of caramel and a little fruitiness. It is a very good pairing for an after dinner smoke.

Photos Courtesy of Rosemary Miller