Rowan’s Creek Bourbon is bottled at Kentucky Bourbon Distillers and has been an important brand in their portfolio for decades. It is unknown as to where the whiskey was produced and in fact it could have been produced at multiple distilleries as KBD has had access to whiskey from pretty much every major distillery for years. They have been known to batch together whiskey from two or more distilleries to get a unique flavor profile. The Kulsveens are masters at creating great flavor profiles from the whiskeys they have at hand. In the future though they will be putting their own whiskey into the bottle and I expect the flavor to drift. However I don’t see that as a bad thing because they are making excellent Bourbon at the Willett Distillery and the change will not lessen the quality of the product in any way. And that is good because this is an excellent Bourbon. It has long been one of my favorite products from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers.

Rowan’s Creek is named for the creek that runs through the distillery. The creek is named for John Rowan, an early settler in Nelson County that became according to the label, “a judge and a statesman” who knew good sipping whiskey. The whiskey is a Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey with no age statement but plenty of great taste.

Rowan’s Creek Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Proof: 100.1

Age: No Age Statement

Nose: Caramel and vanilla with some fruit notes of apples and pears with some fine leather, tobacco and baking spices. Very complex and I suspect it will change the longer it sits and breaths.

Taste: Caramel and baking spices with just a hint of the pears detected in the nose. When tasted with a dried cranberry the vanilla and spices really come forward. Tasted with a pecan brings out the pear fruit and oak tannins.

Finish: very long. Starts a bit spicy with allspice and nutmeg, but quickly turns to dry oak wood. Cranberries make the finish very spicy and long. Pecans makes the finish a little shorter and more dry oak and less spice.

Notes: This is a great Bourbon to drink while reading a book. Pour a couple of ounces and let it sit while you read, sipping on it every 20 minutes or so. It will change with every sip and you will enjoy the experience. It also goes well with a cigar. Today I am enjoying a Padron 1926 series, No. 90. The smoke makes the Bourbon almost brandy-like with lots of fruit and vanilla while the Bourbon adds a sweetness to the smoke that is caramel and cocoa. It is a great combination.

Photos Courtesy of Michael Veach