Update: See preview coverage of the event on WHAS 11 here

On December 5, 1933, Utah became the last state needed to repeal the 18th amendment.  This ended the 13 year long (not-so) “Great Experiment” of Prohibition.  The 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the only amendment to take away a freedom instead of guaranteeing a freedom.  For this reason, I believe Repeal Day should become a National Holiday.  Personally, I have been celebrating Repeal Day every year since 1998!

On Saturday December 5, 2015, join me as I host The Filson Historical Society‘s annual Repeal Day Party.  This year’s venue is Kentucky Peerless Distillery.  Henderson, Kentucky’s Peerless Distillery was put out of business by Prohibition.  Henry Kraver’s descendants have revived the family brand, now located on 10th Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  They even brought back the original DSP number- DSP-KY-50.

This year’s “Whiskeys of Honor” will be Old Crow made in 1908 and bottled in 1925, Paul Jones Rye from the 1890s, Michter’s Rye, and Woodford Single Barrel.  Thank you to the Louisville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for sponsoring this event.  Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


Photo Courtesy of The Filson Historical Society