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Brand Development In The 19th Century

The distillers in the 19th century treated their promotion of their brands in a different way than the distillers of today. They did not have television, radio and social media to promote their brands. In fact, for most of the... Continue Reading →

Picking Single Barrel Whiskeys

A bottle of Red Hook Rye recently sold at auction for $43,750. I was with LaNell Camacho Santa Ana when she picked the first two barrels of Red Hook Rye for her store in Brooklyn, New York. It was a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Spirit Of Rye

I am not often excited about a new book, but this book is a very exciting new release. I don’t think I have ever met Carlo DeVito in person, but I have emailed with him many times as he researched... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – Ladies Of The Bottling Line At Labrot and Graham ca 1900

This image shows the women who worked on the bottling line at Labrot and Graham Distillery circa 1900. This is typical of bottling lines of the time. The distillers quickly learned that women made the best workers for bottling whiskey.... Continue Reading →

Images of the Past – George Dickel Cascade Hollow Distillery ca 1960

When the Motlow family decided to sell the Jack Daniel Distillery and brand to Brown-Forman instead of Schenley, Schenley decided to revive the George A. Dickel Cascade Hollow distillery and create a brand named for Dickel. Since “Old No. 7”... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And The American Civil War

Most people don't know Prohibition was the law of the land in the Confederacy.

American Blended Whiskey: A Dying Category

American Blended Whiskey is a dying category with a rich heritage. Blended whiskey as a category had its start in the 19th century with the growing rectifying business in America. The invention of the column still in the 1840s made... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Distillers: Jacob Beam

The Boehm or Beam family came to America to settle first in Pennsylvania and later in Kentucky. The family was part of the German and Swiss wave of settlers that arrived in Pennsylvania, between 1710 and 1780. A wave of... Continue Reading →

The Van Winkle Factor in the Bourbon Industry

The Van Winkle Family have never been distillers. They have never held a job where they made the mash or ran the still to make their living, however they still had a huge impact on the industry and Bourbon as... Continue Reading →

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