Bourbon History


is Tennessee whiskey bourbon

Has Jack Daniel’s Lost Its Pride?

Whenever I share my post about Tennessee Whiskey, I get a lot of comments claiming that Tennessee Whiskey is Bourbon. One person quoted the Master Distiller at Jack Daniel stating that Jack Daniel’s whiskey is Bourbon. When I started in... Continue Reading →

The Lincoln County Process

Tennessee whiskey is different from Bourbon because they filter the new make whiskey through the “Lincoln County Process”. This “Process” is a tall vat of sugar maple charcoal that filters out some of the vegetable oils and other compounds and... Continue Reading →

Is Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon?

Many people ask me how is Tennessee whiskey different from Bourbon? The fact is there are very few differences. Tennessee whiskey is at least 51% corn.  It is distilled at no higher than 160 proof. It is aged in new... Continue Reading →

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