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The Gold Rush Cocktail And Other Honey Based Cocktails

It is autumn and it makes me crave a cocktail that is made with honey.  The Gold Rush Cocktail comes to mind to satisfy that desire, but there are other versions of this cocktail that will also satisfy. All of... Continue Reading →

Spring 2023 Cocktails At The Bar At Fort Nelson

Rosemary and I look forward to going to the Michter’s Distillery, The Bar at Fort Nelson Distillery every year because they have the best cocktail menu in the city of Louisville. They change it twice a year and we went... Continue Reading →

The Paper Plane Cocktail

I like a good cocktail every now and then. I always enjoy a Manhattan Cocktail made with Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye, but lately I have been enjoying a Paper Plane cocktail made with Michter’s Barrel Strength Bourbon. I like a... Continue Reading →

Five Whiskeys That Make Excellent Old Fashioned Cocktails

Summer is upon us and that calls for an easily made cocktail on a warm summer evening on the porch.  I like an Old Fashioned cocktail when it is made correctly. You can find some recipes at my blog on... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails 

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I thought I would look at the Old Mr. Boston Official Bartenders Guide from 1935 to see what cocktails might have been served on St. Paddy’s Day, 88 years ago.  I found three cocktails... Continue Reading →

Prohibition Speakeasies

There is a romanticized image of Prohibition era speakeasies in the modern world. There are many bars that call themselves “speakeasies” in most every major city in the United States and even overseas, where speakeasies were not found in the... Continue Reading →

Fort Nelson Fellowship Master Class

I get invited to many whiskey events, but Michter’s recently held one that I thought was an exceptionally good program. Michter’s hosted the Fort Nelson Fellowship Master Class and invited four bar managers from the Four Seasons Hotels from around... Continue Reading →

Five Bourbons That Make Good Mint Juleps

Every first Saturday in May, people in Kentucky pull out their julep cups and make Mint Juleps. For those who follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I believe that a good mint julep should taste of... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – Peychaud’s Bitter Advertisements

I recently visited the Sazerac House in New Orleans while attending the New Orleans Bourbon Festival. Displayed on a wall is the collection of Peychaud’s Bitters advertisements from the 1840s and 50s. Peychaud’s Bitters are an important part of the... Continue Reading →

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