Bourbon History



Brand History – Old Mr. Boston

In my monthly cocktail blogs, I often make reference to recipes from the Old Mr. Boston DeLuxe Official Bartender’s Guide. This Is a Very familiar title to those readers who are professional bartenders, and you probably own at least one... Continue Reading →

The Sazerac Cocktail

The Sazerac Cocktail was first made in New Orleans at the Sazerac Coffee House. It is said that Aaron Bird, the proprietor of the Sazerac Coffee House created the drink in the 1850s. It was named for the cognac, Sazerac-de-Forge... Continue Reading →

The Manhattan Cocktail

A couple of years ago, Maggie and Rosemary did a series of blog posts discussing the Manhattan Cocktail titled the “Barefoot Manhattans”. Each blog looked at the different components of the Manhattan as they decided which product should be used... Continue Reading →

The Tom And Jerry Cocktail

The Tom and Jerry was a very popular cocktail before Prohibition, but seems to have faded out of existence after the repeal of Prohibition. It is a cocktail that was served either hot or cold that contained eggs. It was... Continue Reading →

The Finlandia Oaks Lily – The Cocktail Of The Kentucky Oaks?

The Oaks Lily is the official cocktail of the Kentucky Oaks horse race on the Friday before Derby Saturday. With a name like “Kentucky Oaks” you would think it is a good Bourbon cocktail, correct? After all, what better connection... Continue Reading →

Brandy Cocktails Of The 19th Century

Americans have always loved their brandy. Before Prohibition there were over 400 brandy distilleries in Kentucky and a couple of dozen whiskey distilleries that also made brandy. Most of Kentucky’s brandy production was fruit brandy – apple, peach and pear,... Continue Reading →

The Whiskey Sour – A Summer Classic Cocktail

During the warm, summer season, people like a drink that is refreshing – a little sweet, a little sour and cold. The whiskey sour fills this need in all three ways. It is a little sweet but has the tartness... Continue Reading →

The Mint Julep

Springtime in Kentucky means mint juleps. People either love them or hate them. I fall more into the latter category myself. I have had a few good mint juleps, but only rarely. Molly Wellmann made me a very good mint... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Cocktails Of 1935

The Repeal of Prohibition brought back the American bar and the cocktail hour. With Repeal, Ben Burk. Inc., the makers of the Old Mr. Boston line of spirits that included whiskey, gin, rum and liqueurs, decided to take the lead... Continue Reading →

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