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Brand History – Early Times Bourbon

I was surprised to hear that Brown-Forman is selling the Early Times brand to Sazerac. Brown-Forman have owned the brand for almost a century, and in the 1950s, it was the best-selling Bourbon in Kentucky and even today, it is... Continue Reading →

Brand History –James E. Pepper

The James E. Pepper brand has been revived in the 21st century. It is a very historic brand full of rich heritage, so it is no surprise that it has been revived after being abandoned for years. The new owners... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday – Kentucky Tavern 1984

Kentucky Tavern is a very old brand of Bourbon. It was created by James Thompson and Bro. and quickly became their flagship brand. During Prohibition, after James Thompson died, the company changed its name to “Glenmore Distillery”. They had purchased... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – Old Crow Distillery Postcard

This postcard of the Old Crow Distillery is from the middle of the 20th century, circa 1960. It is an aerial view of the distillery that sits along Glenn’s Creek in Woodford County, Kentucky. It is just down the road... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday – Bonded Beam Bourbon Circa 1970

The tax stamp on this glass decanter of Bonded Beam is missing. I know that it is a legitimate bottle because it was part of a collection of old bottles Rosemary received from a friend and the bottle was given... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – I.W. Harper’s Bowing Man

In 1937, Schenley Distilleries acquired the Bernheim Distillery and the I.W. Harper brand. The brand had been popular in the days before Prohibition and was the flagship brand for Bernheim Bros. They had marketed the brand with slogans such as... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past – W.L. Weller & Sons Letterhead 1895

Letterheads often have interesting images. They are often the only image available to a researcher of an old distillery. They can also be deceiving. In this case there is an image of a distillery on the W.L. Weller & Sons... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Barons: Julian P. Van Winkle

Julian P. Van Winkle was a Bourbon Baron that bridged the periods from pre-Prohibition to post-Prohibition. Julian Van Winkle was born in Danville, Ky. in the year 1874, into a family that was not invested in the whiskey business. He... Continue Reading →

Brand History: Old Crow

James C. Crow came to Kentucky in 1838 and started work as a distiller for Oscar Pepper. He spent most of his career as a distiller for Pepper with only a few months working at other distilleries. Crow changed the... Continue Reading →

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