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Brand History – Kentucky Tavern

The brand Kentucky Tavern has a rich heritage. You would not know this by the reputation it has today as a bottom shelf brand made at the Barton Distillery. However, this was not always the case.  The R. Monarch Distillery... Continue Reading →

Brand Development In The 19th Century

The distillers in the 19th century treated their promotion of their brands in a different way than the distillers of today. They did not have television, radio and social media to promote their brands. In fact, for most of the... Continue Reading →

Brand History – Golden Wedding Rye

Golden Wedding Rye is a brand with a long history. It was created by Joseph S. Finch, who buit a distillery near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1856. He registered the trademark, Golden Wedding Rye with Mida’s Criteria, stating it had been... Continue Reading →

History Of Park And Tilford

The Park and Tilford Company was established in 1840 when Joseph Park and John Mason Tilford opened a retail store in New York City. The specialized in imported goods, perfumes and liquors. Park was a clergyman from Washington County, New... Continue Reading →

A Stitzel-Weller Holiday

The year 1965 saw some change at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Julian Van Winkle had passed away in February and Julian Jr. was now in charge of the company. Old Fitzgerald Prime was introduced at 86.8 proof, the first Old Fitzgerald... Continue Reading →

Politics And Kentucky Distilling

Ever since Kentucky became a state in 1792, politics has influenced Kentucky distillers and Kentucky distillers have tried to influence politics. These early distillers found themselves as part of the first constitutional crisis – the Whiskey Rebellion. Kentucky distillers resisted... Continue Reading →

A History Of Melrose Rye Whiskey

Melrose Rye was a brand of Maryland Rye Whiskey. It has a very interesting heritage and the brand has been revived by J.W. Kelly & Co. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It all started with the Goldsborough family who first settled in... Continue Reading →

Brand History – Green River Whiskey

J.W. McCulloch entered the American whiskey industry as an employee of the Internal Revenue Agency, collecting taxes in the Owensboro, Kentucky region. In the late 19th century, the Owensboro region of Kentucky rivaled Bardstown, Lawrenceburg, Frankfort and Louisville for both... Continue Reading →

Images of the Past – George Dickel Cascade Hollow Distillery ca 1960

When the Motlow family decided to sell the Jack Daniel Distillery and brand to Brown-Forman instead of Schenley, Schenley decided to revive the George A. Dickel Cascade Hollow distillery and create a brand named for Dickel. Since “Old No. 7”... Continue Reading →

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