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19th Century Bourbon

I have had several people tell me that they just want to make Bourbon the way their great grandfather did before prohibition. I ask them how they plan to do that and they are surprised when I start telling them... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Mark H. Waymack and James F. Harris

I was recently asked by Fred Minnick who I thought would be on a list of people who helped bring Bourbon back in the 1990s. We went through many of the usual suspect – Cowdery, the Regans, Murray, and Hansel,... Continue Reading →

A SHOT of Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey and Brandy Distilling Heritage

  A SHOT of Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey, and Brandy Distilling Heritage Kentucky distilling heritage starts with both whiskey and brandy distillation. When the earliest settlers came to Kentucky in the 1700’s, their stills were an important part of the journey’s... Continue Reading →

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