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Blind Tastings

Blind tastings are difficult and humbling to those who feel they can name a brand from the taste. I always do a blind tasting at the end of my Bourbon Country Institute as a way to show students how difficult... Continue Reading →

Bill And Mike’s Excellent Adventure: Part Four

Bill Thomas and I worked together a couple of years ago to make four barrels of Bourbon at Kentucky Artisan Distillery. The barrels were filled on January 4, 2018. Last year I tasted the barrels on Halloween day when they... Continue Reading →

Bulleit Distillery, Shelby County, Ky.

Rosemary and I were invited to visit the Bulleit Distillery in Shelby County as part of the soft opening of the new visitor’s experience. The distillery is located a few miles from Shelbyville on a country road in an idyllic... Continue Reading →

To Source Or Not To Source, That Is The Question

I am frequently asked for advice from people who want to start up distilleries and create a brand. One of the big questions is about whether they should source their whiskey to create a brand. My answer depends upon their... Continue Reading →

19th Century Bourbon

I have had several people tell me that they just want to make Bourbon the way their great grandfather did before prohibition. I ask them how they plan to do that and they are surprised when I start telling them... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Mark H. Waymack and James F. Harris

I was recently asked by Fred Minnick who I thought would be on a list of people who helped bring Bourbon back in the 1990s. We went through many of the usual suspect – Cowdery, the Regans, Murray, and Hansel,... Continue Reading →

A SHOT of Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey and Brandy Distilling Heritage

  A SHOT of Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey, and Brandy Distilling Heritage Kentucky distilling heritage starts with both whiskey and brandy distillation. When the earliest settlers came to Kentucky in the 1700’s, their stills were an important part of the journey’s... Continue Reading →

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