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The Potter Jane Distillery

Several months ago, Jane Bowie and Denny Potter left the security of their jobs at Maker’s Mark to start their own distilling venture. Jane was the lead person in the innovations department and Denny was the Master Distiller at Maker’s... Continue Reading →

Barrel Influence On Very Old American Whiskey

There has been an everlasting debate on how much a barrel influences the taste of American whiskey. There is no doubt that the longer whiskey ages in a new oak barrel, the more the influence it has on the whiskey.... Continue Reading →

Bill And Mike’s Excellent Adventure – Part 8

It has been over a year since I last reported on the Bourbon that Bill Thomas and I had made at Kentucky Artisan Distillers. It has been a year of delays. It is now five years old. We started the... Continue Reading →

Humidity In Aging Warehouses

A friend of mine recently told me of a tour he did at the Hayner Distillery in Ohio. He stated that before Prohibition, at the original Hayner Distillery, they heated the warehouse in the winter and during the summer, they... Continue Reading →

An Affordable Bourbon For Every Taste

When hosting a party or dinner for friends, you like to have a Bourbon on hand that everyone can enjoy. It can be before dinner as an aperitif or after dinner as a digestive drink or as a cocktail with... Continue Reading →

Maker’s Mark Added Wood Project Process

I was recently invited, along with several other whiskey writers, to visit Jane Bowie in her lab at Maker’s Mark and see the process that she and her team go through to in order to bottle their special wood finish... Continue Reading →

Bill And Mike’s Excellent Adventure – Part Seven

The next phase of our whiskey making adventure is going to be bottling the whiskey. After we choose the expression or expressions of the whiskey, we have many other decisions to make. I am already getting questions about how people... Continue Reading →

Bill And Mike’s Excellent Adventure – Part Six

Bill Thomas and I started this adventure almost four years ago. We contract-distilled four barrels of Bourbon at Kentucky Artisan Distillers. Our Bourbon is made with 60% Hickory Cane white corn, 25% rye, 12% distiller’s malt and 3% chocolate malt.... Continue Reading →

Summer In A Warehouse

When I worked at Stitzel-Weller as an archivist, I always liked the summer. Walking between the warehouses brought that wonderful aroma of the angel’s share – Bourbon that was literally in the air. I admit, I had an air conditioned... Continue Reading →

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