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Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Jason Brauner

Thursday April 26th Bourbons Bistro will celebrate its 13th birthday! I first met Jason Brauner and his business partner John Morrison at a class I was teaching as part of an adult education program at Bellarmine University in 2004. They... Continue Reading →

An Impromptu Bourbon Date Night

Rosemary has decided that with new members on the Urban Bourbon Trail and several members leaving the trail, she needed to do the trail again. Not all in one month this time and not having a Manhattan at every stop... Continue Reading →

The London Bourbon And Cigar Scene

My birthday is November 5th, Guy Fawkes or Bonfire day in England. Spending my birthday in London has been on my bucket list of things to do for years and this year Rosemary gifted me that for my birthday. Best... Continue Reading →

The Miller House Bar In Owensboro

Owensboro is a Kentucky city that is steeped in Bourbon Heritage. It is still the home of Glenmore Distillery which does not distill but employs many people in the aging warehouses and bottling facility owned by Sazerac. On the other... Continue Reading →

Volare Ristorante: Italian Food And Bourbon

When you think of Bourbon you always think of Italian food, right? Maybe you should when you are looking for something to eat in Louisville, Kentucky. There is a fantastic Bourbon selection and great Italian food all under one roof.... Continue Reading →

Delilah’s: A True Bourbon Treasure

Mike Miller opened Delilah’s in 1993 and it has been open every day since according to their website. And Mike: he once told me that he comes to the bar every day and when it no longer is fun to... Continue Reading →

Jack Rose Dining Saloon: America’s Premier Whiskey Bar

I have known Bill Thomas, the owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington D.C., for some time. He has been a regular at the Oscar Getz Master Distillers Auction during the Bourbon Festival for many years. He will purchase... Continue Reading →

New York Bourbon Scene

Rosemary and I recently made a trip to New York City. While we were there we decided to check out the Bourbon Bars in the city. We were not expecting a presence as vibrant as the scene in Louisville but... Continue Reading →

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar: Ohio’s Loss Is The Bourbon World’s Gain

Molly Wellmann owns and operates several bars in Cincinnati but when she wanted to open a Bourbon Bar she knew that she had to get out of the Control State of Ohio to do it right. The Main Strasse in... Continue Reading →

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