Bourbon History



Tasting Notes: Old Bardstown Bottled-in-Bond

Old Bardstown is a brand that dates back to the 1930s. It was a flagship brand for the Willett Distillery when they started distilling at the end of Prohibition. I have had some of that whiskey from an old bottle... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Noah’s Mill Bourbon

Noah’s Mill is bottled by Willett from aged stocks sourced from other distilleries. Willett has been sourcing whiskey from other distilleries for decades and have mastered the art of marrying bourbons together to create excellent flavor profiles for their brands.... Continue Reading →

Some More Thoughts on Rye

Before Prohibition, rye whiskey was the most popular whiskey in the United States. The big brands were based in Pennsylvania and Maryland, but Kentucky distillers also offered rye whiskies. W. L. Weller, Old Crow and others had rye whiskey versions... Continue Reading →

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