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The Whiskey Rebellion 1791-1794 Part Two: Kentucky

Continued From Part I There is a myth that Kentucky distillers came to Kentucky because they fled Pennsylvania in the aftermath of the Whiskey Rebellion. It is true that leaders of the rebellion fled Pennsylvania, but they did not stop... Continue Reading →

The Whiskey Rebellion of 1791-1794 Part One: Pennsylvania

The Whiskey Rebellion was the first constitutional crisis in the United States. To understand the rebellion, you must first understand the background as to why it happened, you have to understand why the whiskey tax was so important to the... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Taxation, Part One: Before The American Civil War

Taxation of Whiskey plays an important role in American history. The Nation’s first constitutional crisis was the Whiskey Rebellion. The constitution was only a few years old and, for the States to ratify it, the new government was to take... Continue Reading →

Early Kentucky Distillers – Where Did They Come From?

There are a lot of stories about Kentucky’s first distillers. It is said they were lured into the state with free land from the ‘Corn Writs”. They are also said to be fleeing the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania when they... Continue Reading →

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