Bourbon History


what makes a good bourbon bar

Jack Rose Dining Saloon: America’s Premier Whiskey Bar

I have known Bill Thomas, the owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington D.C., for some time. He has been a regular at the Oscar Getz Master Distillers Auction during the Bourbon Festival for many years. He will purchase... Continue Reading →

The Century Bar – A Control State Marvel

I first visited The Century Bar in September 2013. I was going to give a talk on Bourbon history and I remember that I was not expecting much out of the place. It was in Dayton, Ohio and Ohio is... Continue Reading →

There’s More To Bourbon Bars Than Just Bourbon

There is more to a Bourbon Bar than simply having a lot of bourbons on the back-bar. Anyone can order all of the bourbons they can from the distributor but that does not make them a “Bourbon Bar”. I have a personal criteria for... Continue Reading →

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