Bourbon History



Rectifiers In The 19th Century

I was recently asked if rectifiers deserved the bad reputation they had in the 19th century. The answer is “yes and no”. There were rectifiers that simply purchased whiskey from distilleries and married the barrels to make their own flavor... Continue Reading →

A Tale Of Two Rectifiers Part Two

In the last blog, I discussed the career of Julian Van Winkle III. Today, I will discuss the career of Even Kulsveen. His path started similarly to that of Julian Van Winkle. Even, in contrast, was not born into the... Continue Reading →

History Of Rectifiers Or “Non-Distilling Producers”

There has been a lot of talk about Non-Distilling Producers lately. Consumers feel they are being deceived by this newest generation of rectifiers and people act as if they are a new phenomenon but they are not. People have been... Continue Reading →

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