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Rye Whiskeys That Impressed Me In 2021

I did not taste as many rye whiskeys in 2021 as I did Bourbons, but there were a few that did impress me for their quality. I am going to list these whiskeys in alphabetical order by brand, not by... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday – Old Overholt Rye circa 1979

Old Overholt is a Pennsylvania rye whiskey that dates back into the early 19th century. Mida’s Registry of Trademarks shows the trademark in use since 1810. It has been a popular rye whiskey since its inception. During Prohibition, the brand... Continue Reading →

Rye And Cigar Pairing: Pardron 1964 Anniversario

Last spring, Michael, Wayne Klawier, and I began meeting at Wayne’s house to study the pairing of bourbon and cigars. Throughout that time we have studied numerous cigars from numerous manufacturers, and we’ve even branched out to include brandies from... Continue Reading →

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