Bourbon History


kentucky owl

Wise Women Taste “The Wiseman” Bourbon

The other day, two of my favorite people in the world came over to have some time on the porch – Maggie Kimberl and Sara Havens. I always enjoy talking with them and we always have some good whiskey when... Continue Reading →

Beaumont Inn – A Place Steeped In Bourbon Heritage

In the 19th century the Dedman family entered the Bourbon business in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The C.M. Dedman Distillery, DSP 16, 8th District, was not a large distillery. The Mida’s Financial Index of 1909 gave the distillery an “F” ranking with... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Kentucky Owl Rye

Join us April 4 for the Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm! Kentucky Owl is an old brand created the C.M. Dedman distillery of Harrodsburg, in Mercer County, Kentucky. It was DSP 16 of the 8th District and a rather small... Continue Reading →

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