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Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – Jane Bowie And The Innovation Teams

I have been saying for years that the established Kentucky distilleries should not be resting on their laurels when it comes to innovations with their whiskeys. There are many new distilleries in other states, and even in Kentucky, that are... Continue Reading →

Maker’s Mark FAE-02

This past year or so, Jane Bowie and her innovation team embarked on a mission to create a Maker’s Mark finished Bourbon with better mouth-feel. They have never chill-filtered their whiskey, and the result is more Fatty Acids and Esters... Continue Reading →

Maker’s Mark Private Selection For The LEE Initiative

I was invited, along with seven other whiskey writers, to be part of a private selection at Maker’s Mark to support the LEE Initiative. Besides myself, there was Susan Reigler, Sara Havens, Carla Carlton, Maggie Kimberl, Steve Coomes, Seth Thompson,... Continue Reading →

Tasting With Mike And Matt – Maker’s Mark FAE

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass I have been fortunate in that Jane Bowie from Maker’s Mark has included me in her presentations of new barrel stave projects for Maker’s Wood Finishing Series. This year, the bottling is... Continue Reading →

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