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Gaz Regan

Book Review – The Joy Of Mixology By Gary Regan

Gary Regan is one of my favorite writers. Regan has been in the business for many decades and has become a well-respected writer on both spirits and cocktails. I think one of the reasons he has such respect is that... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Bourbon Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide

In 1998 Gary and Mardee Regan followed up their first Bourbon book The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys with this book. This book is very different from their first one in that though there is a brief... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Bartender’s Bible: 1001 Mixed Drinks And Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Bar

This is the very first cocktail book I ever bought. I admit I purchased it because I was impressed by the author, Gary Regan, when I worked with him on The Book of Bourbon. I never regretted getting it because... Continue Reading →

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