Bourbon History


early distillers

Pioneer Distillers: Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig is credited with being the inventor of Bourbon in 1789, but as you may know I don’t believe that to be a true claim. There is no evidence that supports the claim earlier than the 1870s when he... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Distillers: Daniel Weller

Everyone knows about William LaRue Weller but few know about his grandfather Daniel Weller. He has a rich history in Kentucky’s Distilling industry that starts in the 18th century. According to legend distillers came to Kentucky from Pennsylvania during the... Continue Reading →

Bourbon: An American Whiskey

In 1964 Congress made Bourbon an American whiskey, made only in the United States. It truly is an American spirit created from a melting pot of cultures. There are many people that say that it was the Scottish and the... Continue Reading →

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