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Tasting Notes: Copper & Kings Pear Bandy

Recently Copper & Kings Distillery managed to purchase Pear Brandy from some Oregon distilleries. It was all 10 years old and aged in a variety of cooperage. A portion of the cooperage was Oregon oak but others were French and... Continue Reading →

Copper & Kings Brandy Distillery: Saving A Kentucky Heritage

Brandy distillation was an important part of Kentucky’s distilling industry before prohibition. In the early days of settlement, apple, peach and pear brandies were the premium spirits in the local taverns. A drink of these brandies would cost you twice... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Collaboration

I am going to taste two new products that are a collaboration between Bardstown Bourbon Company and Copper & Kings American Brandy Company, thus the name of the products. They have taken 10 years old Bourbon and “finished” the Bourbon... Continue Reading →

Copper & Kings Apple Brandy and Cigars

Rosemary, Maggie and I got together on a Saturday evening with the purpose of trying the Copper & Kings Apple Brandies and pairing them with a cigar. I lined up three versions of the Copper & Kings Apple Brandy and... Continue Reading →

American Fruit Brandy – A Spirit to Watch

Before prohibition Fruit Brandies were very popular in the United States. In the 18th century peach brandy demanded a higher price than whiskey in Kentucky taverns. Early Kentucky distillers often made both whiskey and brandy for their own use and... Continue Reading →

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