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Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Ouita Michel And Chefs Who Cook With Bourbon

In the late 1980s the idea of using Bourbon to cook with was the occasional Bourbon Ball or some other chocolate fudge combo, baked beans and the daring chef would substitute Bourbon for Brandy in a recipe. Then came Woodford... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – The Oscar Getz Museum Curators

When I started doing work as an archivist for United Distillers, one of the first things I did was visit the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History. This is when I first met Flaget Nally and Mary Hite, the two... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: John and Linda Lipman

Back in 1998 John and Linda Lipman were driving through Kentucky on their way to visit Mammoth Cave and decided to stop and visit the Maker’s Mark distillery on the way to Cave City. They had never visited a distillery... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – Stacey Yates

Mayor Greg Fischer coined the phrase “Bourbonism” when talking about Louisville’s boom in Bourbon Tourism. He has been a huge supporter of the Bourbon industry and tourism has grown under his leadership of the city. As much as Mayor Fischer... Continue Reading →

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