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Bourbon Date Night At Home

In these days of Covid 19, it is playing Russian Roulette with your health to go out in public, especially in a crowd. It is a form of attempted suicide for someone of my age and health, so I am... Continue Reading →

An Impromptu Bourbon Date Night

Rosemary has decided that with new members on the Urban Bourbon Trail and several members leaving the trail, she needed to do the trail again. Not all in one month this time and not having a Manhattan at every stop... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Date Night: The Next Chapter

Just recently I was named the first “Master of the Urban Bourbon Trail” by Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau at an event at 8 Up, the newest member of the UBT. I was awarded this title because I had been... Continue Reading →

A Bourbon Date Night

One evening I planned a date night around the Urban Bourbon Trail with my then girlfriend. We decided to have a progressive meal at several of the places on the trail. We parked in the garage at the Brown Hotel and... Continue Reading →

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