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Bourbon Cruise On The American Countess

Rosemary and I recently completed a Bourbon cruise on the American Countess. It started in Cincinnati, Ohio and ended in Clarksville, Tennessee. It was a very good cruise. It was our first trip on the American Countess. The boat has... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Cruise 2023

I recently signed on to do a Bourbon cruise on the Paddlewheel Riverboat, American Countess for the last week of August, 2023. I am looking forward to doing this cruise as we have never been on the American Countess. It... Continue Reading →

Life At Eight Miles Per Hour With Bourbon

The American Queen Steamboat Line offers an annual Bourbon Tour every year in early July. As a native Louisvillian I have been on the Belle of Louisville several times, but never been on an extended river cruise on a steamboat... Continue Reading →

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